MSS card/advent calendar


did we all get one? interesting eh?!

tissue bank since 1998? only 12,000 on ms register?

thats the 2 i can recall!

for the first year ever i havent got myself a calendar (i didnt realise it was dec!) so thanks mss!

ellie x

hi ellie

i got the brochure selling cards and calendars but i haven’t ordered anything.

ask why you didn’t get a brochure.

i signed up to the tissue bank and the ms register at ms life 2 years ago.

have a lovely christmas anyway

carole x

hiya carole

i got the brochure about cards etc weeks ago-didnt order either. i tend to donate thru my local mss.

i guess this is a separate mail shot thing and found it beneficial. i cant remember but am guessing they were asking for donations but i thought the advent card/info was a good idea without being ‘in your face’.

you have lovely christmas too!

ellie x