Christmas cards

Yes I know…mentioning Christmas now, LOL anyway just wanted to share that I’ve just had delivery of my cards from the MS society and they are lovely, very good quality and a good price, really wanted to support MS this year due to lack of fund raising, not that I don’t support every year, just this 1 more than most.

P.S. I don’t work, or volunteer for them, just a MS sufferer.

Jean x

I’ve just ordered some Christmas postage stamps from the Royal Mail. I couldn’t get any last year so I’ve ordered them th8s year.

Good for you, we’ve got to try, if we can and keep supporting, I’m really impressed with the cards, hope you are with the stamps.

Jean x

Hi everyone, it’s been a while since I’ve visited forum. Reading today one thing has become clear, we are one with everyone struggling on throughout what can only be classed has a year to write off ! I do not want to offend anyone but every time I see on tv that the nhs is there for everyone , it just makes me seeth. The nhs staff have been marvellous nursing & treating everyone with Covid , however it seems like everything else ie: the hospitals have shut! We cannot have our , scans,clinic appts, physios , surgery. It’s concerning that the people with cancer have been struggling to get their treatments. I have learnt to be competent at video calling with consultants. I know it’s been tough for everyone, but when you consider our daily lives with MS I for one have felt very vulnerable , but we can get through all this & we will! I miss my oxygen therapy very much , my fatigue has been very hard to keep controlled , if that’s possible .

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