Hi all,   how you doing are you ready for chrisrmas.

My cards are done its taken me all week to do as right hand is not good at holding a pen now, just taking it slowly tree next don t no who long that will take.

The cold is getting to me l broke right ankle last year and it very painfull now had more xrays,letdown bones are ok just waiting to see the foot man next . Has any one had a very  painfull foot l don t no if its ms my age  or because of the break. merry christmas to you all take care.

                                                                                                                   regards Jan


HI Jan, just returning good wishes for the festive season to you. Thanks hun.

Foot problems? spasms and pressure pain from not walking.....ligaments are curling, innit?

luv Pollx

Hi Jan, just about ready thanks. Did most of my shopping online and am slowly (snail's pace) getting it wrapped. Cards are done (very lucky that my hands are still ok). Haven't put the tree up yet... it's just a small artificial one and will put it up next week. What else? Oh yeah. I've got a food order in at Sainsburys to be delivered on 23rd.

I live in sheltered and this afternoon we have our xmas party... lots of good food and a travelling theatre group coming to do panto 'Snow White and the Seven DUDES'. Gotta laff...

Don't know about the foot problems hon. So hard to know what's MS and what's not!

Merry Christmas to you Jan. I hope foot feels better soon.

Pat x

Hi all

Cards done and posted- I hate doing them. Am slowly wrapping a few presents every day, so hopefully they’ll be done soon. But each session absolutely knackers me out!

Food delivery order needs to be completed. Yuk!

Merry Christmas to all.

Teresa xx