HI all

Hi to you all may l say as we are only 9 day away merry Christmas to you all l still have a lot to do. 6 weeks in new house still a lot of bit and bobs to do. l go see the dr about the scan this week and hope the chemo tablets have done some good. I have had a pain at back of my head maybe neuralgia someone said l hope thats all it is and the tumour has not come back fingers crossed, Weather here not to bright l do hope you are not flooded.well l will move myself to make a cupper tea take care all.and the tea pot is still missing.xxxx

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Merry christmas to you too,hope 2016 is good to us all too.

Bet the teapot was left at the old house lol.


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Hi Jan. Fingers crossed for your results, please let us know how you get on. I hope you have a lovely Christmas, maybe Santa will bring you a nice big teapot, you’ll have to start dropping hints!! Take care and make sure you make time to rest or you won’t be up to quality family time.

Cath x

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Hi Jan

Good luck for your. Appointment, hope all is well.

Have a lovely Christmas and new year.

Pam x

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Hi all just to let you know hospital went ok the tumour has not got smaller or bigger but my white blood cell where down a little so have to go back to repeat bloods on Thursday may then get next course of tablets. l do feel ok taking it steady as we do all the best for christmas and a better new year regards Jan xx

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That’s great news Jan… At least it hasn’t got bigger.

Is the white blood cell count going down good or not? I always thought it was good but maybe I’m wrong. I hope it’s good.

Wishing you a very happy Christmas and in 2016 a healthy year with cancer well and truly gone!!!

Lots of love,

Pat xx

Hi Pat l am not to sure but it had gone up to 179 this week so l got my next set of tablets back in 4 weeks. l do feel fine having a quite boxing day only nicola had to work as boots done class it as boxing day today they say monday. regards to all jan xx

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Hello Jan, how you doing now hun?

We had a quiet but peaceful day yesterday.

Thought daughter might visit today…no, .but she did ring to say we are welcome at her`s if the flood nears us.

I think we`ll be ok.

They are being evacuated a mile away.

Cant imagine how bad it is…scary.

luv Pollx

Where do you live Poll? We’re in Cumbria and have had rain non stop now for days. There’s a lot of flooding in the towns and villages around us, the ground is saturated, but our houses have fortunately remained dry. I hope you’re safe and well. I really feel for those affected by all the rain.

Take care

Cath x

Hi Cath, thanks for your concern hun. Im glad you havent been flooded out.

We live in Elland…a smallish town twixt Halifax and Huddersfield, in West Yorkshire.

There has been severe flooding, but not us, thank heavens.

Some parts of Elland, Sowerby Bridge, Hebden Bridge and Huddersfield have been hit hard.

Yesterday I was very frightened.

York is on tv now. They get hit most years, poor souls.

This government needs to spend some real money on flood defences. It`s not as if they can sell up and move away.


HI ALL, Well Xmas out the way just new year to go, l wood like to tell you the The Tea pot turned up in a cupboard l use most days behind a little box l keep granddaughter snacks in, daughter did get nme a new one for Xmas so now l have a one mug a two mug and family tea pot.

just hubby wedding ring to find it had a split in it put it some where safe and ms been ms cannot remember oh the joy of moving. l do hope you are safe from the flooding we are up to now oh what a worry.

Well all take care be safe all the best for a healthy new year as far as we can be, regards Jan xxxx


my nephew has a pub in york, luckily hes not been flooded, i was worried he would be though.i really feel for all the poor people that have i dont know how i would cope, i really dont.

j x

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We had a lovely Christmas at our middle daughters house. Then Boxing Day my eldest daughter went home to find the boiler not working. Eventually someone came to repair it only to find its unrepairable. So we bought heaters as a stop gap until the new boiler gets put in on January 19 th. She doesn’t want to leave the house and live with us because she is scared the pipes might burst although it’s fortunately quite mild. It’s not helping that the flat is up for sale and her ex is being a right prat as usual.

To top it all friends of ours had to be rescued when the Dee burst its banks in Ballater. Also I feel so down because my legs are getting worse and I feel so tired and weepy all the time.

Apart from that Happy Bew Year everyone.

Mags xx

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Mags I hope you’re feeling a bit better. Tiredness and stress of any kind affects my symptoms, hopefully that’s the case for you and once things get back on track with the family your symptoms ease off again. It’s a really tiring time of year, I’m sure many of us feel like our batteries have been drained, I know I do. Although it’s been a mild winter many of us have not had the best weather, my heart goes out to those who’ve been affected badly by the floods, and I hope your daughter gets no delays with her new boiler.

Cath x

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Hi Al. l Well l ended up with three tea pots at Christmas, got a sore throat just now hope it does not affect my white blood cells as next cemo 27th jan l do hope its working.

We need to get the dinning room wallpapered that will be fun daughters inlaws said they will do it just a paper that can be painted to freshen the room up when needed. well dinner time calls time for a soup l made a leek and potato soup in my soup maker 21 mins and done brill thing. take care all regards Jan

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3 teapots Jan? Well you’ll never be short of a teapot again!

My son bought me a lovely tea caddy with a bag of tea in it for Xmas. And I haven’t got a teapot. So I spent ages looking at teapots online. And then I saw this metal thing that you can put loose tea in and put into a cup…sort of metal tea bag.

So I bought that.

When it arrived I opened the packet of tea to give it a try and found that it was not loose tea at all by tea bags!!!

So something else to live in a back of a drawer never to be used! Hey ho…

Glad the move went well and you are settling in,

Pat xx