Christmas cards

Today, 2nd August my local Garden Centre had Christmas Cards on sale!


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i put christmas on hold last year, just sent cards to people i don’t get to see as often as i’d like.

same with presents.

in fact its just my great niece and great nephew that i enjoy buying for.

the world didnt stop turning and it was a lovely stress free time!

carole x

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It gets earlier every year! At the end of July I went in to get a Thankyou card for my daughters teacher from the card factory, and low and behold the as you walk in a pile of boxed Xmas card packs. My jaw hit the floor. I am all for being organized, but this is taking it a bit too far! Lol

From a male perspective I “don’t do cards” anymore.
It may be a little sexist but I view them as a “female” thing, SORRY!
In the past I have had partners that thought this was not quite the right attitude.
Fortunately my wife (the 3rd) completely agrees!
She is Russian and cards are a very low priority.

We also agree not to get caught up in the MADNESS that is christmas!

Bah Humbug Rules!

Take Care All!


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