Mobility scooter tip of the day...

Do not try and carry several rolls of Xmas wrapping paper on your scooter… trust me… I tried it…

Pat x

hi pat

doesnt work on walker either!

it is possible to buy folded paper in a pack-te*co do a pack of 15 sheets

and bags are handy. not poly ones tho why not?! some very festive paper ones around.

ellie x

Yep should have gone for the folded type but it was 50p a roll… what’s a girl to do?!

Pat x

put on ur lippy and smile as u hand over their unwrapped pressie?!

ellie x

I really didn’t need three and defo couldn’t carry 3 on my scooter but they were buy two get one free so I had to try!


I reckon some kind of strapping would be appropriate. I often put bags between my legs but lose some shopping on the way home. When are bum bags coming back onto the market too, something easier to get thy brass out of our purses?

Happy shopping and no more juggling eh. Was the air blue by the time you finally arrived home?

Luv bren


I had them sticking up between my legs at first but they kept getting in way of controls.

In the end I stood them up in basket where they wavered around alarmingly…

I DO use a bum bag. By far the safest way to carry money on scooter. I’ve had it for many years and we’ve seen much of the world together. It’s now a bit shabby looking and only travels to local shops… just like me!

Pat x

Been into town today in my wheelchair. I didn’t attempt wrapping paper but came home with only half of what I went for! Folks have begun their buy-all-the food-in-the-shops routine and I was exhausted from negotiating in the crowds. Think I’ll cancel my Access Bus next week – it’ll be MAD


Jane it just gets worse every year. I was in Morrisons the other day (where i got to wrapping paper) and it was like Xmas Eve!

Pat x

Hi, I carried my rolls of gift wrap twixt my legs, when I use to use my scooter. Nowadays I go out in my wheelie and my personal shoppers (aka carers) have the job of securing my purchases. i have a holdall and 3 hooks fastened to the rear of my wheelie and i dunno what goes on behind me, most of the time. They tell me off, when they are trying to add more shopping and i set off. it had a shop assistant in hysterics last week. She said it looked like a scene from Candid camera!

luv Pollx

ps. it`s beginning to look a lot like Christmas etc…