eFOLDi mobility scooter


I have seen advertised a mobility scooter called the eFOLDi, it is very light and folds down to look like a suitcase on wheels so it easily fits in a car boot. I have trouble getting onto my feet and the seat looks a bit lower than other mobility scooters, does anyone have any experience of one



Hi Carson Just had a peruse of the eFOLDi scooter. It all seems ok. Made in Britain, approved by R. Branson, Lightweight, Lithium battery, Easily transportable etc The only queries being - Is it too low? No suspension ? No arm rests? Comfortable over distances? I have not tried such a scooter. I bought a ‘Travel Scoot’ made & sent from Munich Germany. Costly. My ms deteriated fairly quickly, now wheelchair bound. So hopefully you’ll get other replies!

I have a ‘Luggie’ scooter and like it.I bought it for taking on holiday but not been since getting it.

had a look it looks ok but perhaps a bit too low? Not sure i could get up of that. but an amazing bit of engineering.

How can you afford a holiday with the rip off prices for those scooters?

It looks to me like a scooter for able bodied people who want a grown ups go kart. How would you make your feet stay on those bars? How would you get on/off it with the low height and no arm rests? How would you stay upright with just a flat seat and no side panels/arms? How safe would it be?

An expensive toy for the not very disabled. In my opinion.


I have a Luggie Scooter which is great it has 2 seat height settings and an adjustable tiller you can order armrests if required cost is from £2000 but well worth it I have taken mine abroad by plane several times it can be folded flat or also into a suitcase shape well worth looking at their website.

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Because i got a bargain and bought it very cheap second hand that’s how.

Fair enough. I was commenting on a new one.

I have a luggie scooter and love it. I’ve taken it to Mexico and use it daily around the house. However it is very heavy and I cannot lift it in and out of the car. Well worth you checking you can if you plan to transport it without the assistance of someone else able bodied