Folding electric wheelchairs and scooters.

Just seen this ad on the Biotin for Progressive MS site. lt is a firm based in Blackpool.

lts wheelchairs and scooters that fold up easily to fit in the car boot. And also they do travel insurance.

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Very helpful, thanks.


Could you please post the website address you used, as I would be interested in having a look ?

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Here ya go Dom. :slight_smile:

Hiya Poppy6488 !

Thank you for your kind response, but I’m afraid the contents were removed by a mod before I saw them !!

Is it worth trying to send this info just to me in a PM instead of a forum posting ?

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l put this post on after seeing it on another ms site. As it is a UK - Blackpool based company l thought it would be useful for many of us. Electric wheel-chairs and scooters that fold down easily and light enough to manage to get into a car boot - could be the answer to a problem many of us face.

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Just sent it to you Dom. :slight_smile:

Hi guys,just reading this post and was wondering if anyone knows if you can get any help in getting power chairs? They’re so expensive it’s unreal eh?



Look on ebayuk for power chairs. Betterlife have them - new for just under £600. lf you try to get one through motability they really push the price up.

Upon reading this thread I had a google and did some research. I would say read the reviews and be aware, its made in CHINA so presumably replacement parts will have to come from there. (Adding time for delivery). Reviews varied but they give a user perspective.

I too needed an electric wheelchair but don’t drive, don’t have a hoist and it needed to go in any car/taxi, train and plane. My solution after seeing one somewhere else was the Benoit Lightdrive. I won’t post the link but google Benoit solutions and you will see it in action. Very zippy. 3 parts = manual wheel chair + motor + lithium ion battery. Much LIGHTER than a scooter.

Its not the only “add on” motor to be fair. There’s the alber e-fix and others. Do the research before buying!