electric wheelchair

Hi, I hope your all as well as you can be. I read on here the other day about a electric wheelchair called Instafold, it looked like exactly what I want. Does anyone know how I can find out where to go & see one? Regards to all Helly.

Hi Helly

Phone around local mobility shops. Even if they don’t have one in stock, they may be able to get one in to look at.



I just typed Instafold into Google and came up with multiple sites. It looks like a brilliant product but is too heavy for me, I did find a much lighter solution but sadly I can not afford it.

Good luck


Thanks for replies!! I read about this from one of the helpful people on here with a link & pictures of how it folds down. I unfortunately can’t find it now. It was a recent post so, hopefully they will see I’m looking & msg me. Thanks again guys!!!



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Hi Helly,

I think this link provides you with a UK source for the chair you are looking for. As Mick says, there are many links out there if you google them, but this one seems appropriate to offer just in case you’d like to investigate it. ( Its a good looking chair, too!)


Hope the link works,


Hi Helly yes as chocorange said it was me lol. I have one, its not heavy really my daughter can put it iin the back of her car.

It folds like a pushchair. It can be used outside too i have driven on grass as well.

I think its an amazing product.you have 2 batteries in the arms and if one goes the other one takes over.


Ok its not cheap but i think its worth it, and it will last a good long time as it really is well made.

I just tried the Benoit Light drive 2, very impressive, I have asked Recare about finance deals


Hi, thanks Crazy Chick. The wheelchair looks great, easy to fold & not too heavy. I live in Colchester & would like to try before I buy but, have not found anywhere here that sell it. I’ll keep looking though, Thanks again Helly.


my local mobility shop didnt sell them either BUT did get one in for me to put my butt in! i can only hope/guess that all mobility places do work together to try and get the best for their customers. (i know thats a big hope but maybe worth asking?)