Can anyone recommend a wheelchair?

Hi everyone,

I need to purchase a wheelchair for occasional use, mainly abroad.

It needs to be self-propelling, foldable, cheap and lightweight. A bag would also be useful.

I’ve looked on the internet and there are so many to choose from!

Can anyone recommend one please?

I would think it’s worth checking out Argos… I know they do one… and they have customer reviews which are so helpful.

Pat x

If you really want lightweight have you thought about a little scooter like a luggie which comes with a travel case or a travelscoot which comes with a bag I think? Depends on your level of mobility of course but because you only need it occasionally it might be a good option for you just now. I did look into this for me but now I am past that and need a permanent chair. My occasional use chair is a karma ergo. I got a voucher through wheelchair services for it. It does fold up and self propel but isn’t terribly light. You may be able to get an occasional use chair through wheelchair services or a voucher towards one of your choice. It does take a while for referral though but may save you £300 ish??? I’m about to move to a permament user active chair (got reassessed and given a much larger voucher today so gonna go shopping! Anyway, good luck x

Thanks for the responses, I’m investigating further now …

M x