Lightweight wheelchair

My walking has deteriorated to the point that I’m going to need a wheelchair. Managed to get one from the local physio dept and whilst it does the job, it is too heavy for me and I don’t have good enough balance to get it in and out of the car.

Does anyone use a lightweight self propelled chair and would recommend or equally not recommend the chair?




there are lots of good chairs out there. Mine is a Kuschall ultra lightweight. It took 4 attempts to get the right one. I learnt don’t do second hand or use the internet as I made mistakes and bought unsuitable chairs that way.

to get the right one I visited a few retailers, tried chairs and got measured for the right one. It cost a bit but it is still going 10 years later.

all the best.


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Hi Derek.

Like Neil said there are a lot of good chairs to choose from and the one Neil mentions is a very good make depends how light you actually want it.

I my self went for a Helium Generation 2013 by Sunrise Medical, had one of their guys to come with one to test drive. And to measure me up for it. I put the empathise on the weight of the chair and mine is 6.2kg and then when folded with the quick release wheels off to put in the car is 4.2kg which I can lift above my head. It seems well made some sort of carbon fibre material they use. very strong.

Its not cheap unless you can get some help but well worth it, its my wife who has to fold it up and lift in the car which she finds easy to do, No strain on the back.

Let us know how you get on.


I live on the Isle of Man and not many places stock wheelchairs, so it’s difficult to do a test drive.

If possible, I need a wheelchair that I can get in and out of the car myself. The upper body is reasonably ok, but the legs are poor as is the balance, so I’m not sure what weight I can lift in and out of the car.


Hi Derek, when my husband started to need a wheelchair, we shopped online for a lightweight ‘sporty’ looking one as he was so understandably reluctant to get one. We were advised by physio against this until he was super confident in the heavier chair, as whilst a light one is easier to lift, it is also easier to tip over.

After demonstrating his new ‘skills’ we managed to get one through his physio that he doesn’t need to fold up, it’s just the back that folds down to get it in the boot of the car. We got a hoist installed through motobility and it fits easily into the boot without all the hassle. The make of the chair is ‘quickie’.

hope this helps

Hi Neil, where did you get your wheelchair from? I need a lightweight one now. Thanks