Wheel Chair Needed

The time has come, 20 years of living with MS, and my walking has got to the point where I don’t really go anywhere, that i need to invest in a chair.

I don’t want to really have one but if needs must, and my family and I can spend more time together going places together I should really look at getting one. I am lucky, I have a very good job so financially I can afford to be picky. I am trying to find a chair that “looks” ok. I could easily go and get a chair that I would not want to use and this would then be used as an excuse not to go anywhere

Does anyone have any ideas on where I could get a “nice” chair from? or at least start looking at the possibilities?


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Hi, big question!!! There are squillions of different types of wheelies out their in wheelchair world!

Do you want a manual, a self propel or a leccy chair?

Then you have to think about how you will transport it. Will you transfer to a car seat or be fastened down in the chair?

Consider doorway widths too…chair vary in size a lot.

I have bought 3 leccy ones, 2 self propels and 2 attendant pushed ones.

See, lots to consider and I daresay, more besides. It does help to get assessed, as it is easy to buy the wrong type…done that myself and damaged meself!

I get you when you feel reluctant to go the wheelie way, but as you suspect, life WILL improve, especially for outings and being able to enjoy them more and not feel you are holding others up. In my experience, they have to keep up with me!

You`re doing the right thing hun!


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I would find your local mobility shop they have many options you can try and see what you fancy , they don’t try and sell you the most expensive one or anything you don’t need. I suppose it’s just getting in the door for the first that was the hard bit for me but my local shop have been very kind and friendly .

Take care Katy

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Hey Charlie. :slight_smile:

Giving you a link to me recent thread about wheels. I’m new to them too. Lots of helpful info from people here.

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like Boudica i am a full time wheelchair user and my advice would be

  1. get a proper fitting from a reputable mobility shop … using a chair that isn’t suitable for your size will feel very awkward and clumsy

  2. but the lightest chair you can afford

  3. (and this one is very important) read up on the different cushions available for the chair and sit on as many as you can to see which one will suit your needs best



Hi Charlie

If you really want to splash out & get something that not only looks good, but will be easier to push, then I’d consider a rigid chair rather than a folding one. I’ve been on wheels for over ten years now, and had always had folding chairs (my last one, a Quickie Neon, was the best & not bad looking). But last summer I was lucky enough to get a Quickie Helium, and I love it. Very light, nippy (rigid chairs are more efficient to push than foilding ones), and really nice to look at. Although it’s rigid, you can fold the backrest down & take the wheels off so it will go in a car OK.

Jemma’s given some excellent advice though. You’re best off going to a decent mobility shop & see what they’ve got.

Happy shopping!


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I remember having serious wheelchair envy when I met a lady in a beautiful one it was padded and had suspension and beautiful wheels. I don’t usually become envious but I really did then. Enjoy your chair. I have gone from each stage of this wonderful journey embracing the next tool to help me keep my life and am now in wheelchair full time.it keeps you in touch.



It`s kind of amusing when we say we have wheelchair envy!

Who could ever have imagined that happening, before our monsters arrived, eh?


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Thanks everyone, I am thinking self propelled and one that I can get into my car, the car is big enough prob for a rigid ish one. I will do some investigations, thanks for the advice and links, very much appreciated.


Would like to know what you decide to get Charlie. Come back and let us know. :slight_smile:

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one of these looks nice, pretty sure I can’t stretch to £7500 however! Will let you know what I decide on


Oh yes, I saw these ages ago they look amazing. But maybe only a lottery win will pay for one.


When i first went into my wheelchair i had to sell my car as i could no longer get in and out of it (Land Rover Discovery) i ended up buying a smaller automatic with an auto gearbox and had hand controls fitted, i’ve often been tempted to spend the money left over on a Panthera X carbon fibre wheelchair (£5250.00) but it only weighs 4.2 Kilos with wheels


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