Wheelchair recommendations please

I now need to invest in a wheelchair.
I want something that is as light as possible, and easy to fold in order to transport in the car or by aircraft.
I realise this will be reflected in the price.
For what its worth I weigh about 75kg, 5ft11in tall and a male.
Really grateful to receive recommendations from forum members
Many thanks

Hi Ulsinus I’ve no experience of wheelchairs but if you can get yourself to a Mobility shop they will talk you through various options and let you try them out. Good luck- happy shopping!

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Thanks Hank Dog.
A good suggestion.
And what I would really value is taping into the experience of people who have bought a light weight wheelchair and their recommendations.

I have a more substantial electric chair as I’m over 100kg and it weights 27kg, but got my Dad (age 91) a Pride i-go lite chair last year. At 75kg you’re well inside its weight limit. The chair is only 19kg, so a doddle to lift and folds up nice & small. Part carbon fibre so looks quite cool! 5’11" means you’ll sit on rather than in it but if you want the folding & light weight, that’s the trade off. You can pick them up on ebay 2nd hand from about £1200, I think they are nearer £2000 new. We bought 2nd hand.

Hi Ulsinus

Don’t know if you’re set on a wheelchair but I use a mobility scooter. Mine is the Pride Gogo Elite Traveller Plus and I’m very happy with it. It’s a boot scooter so fits in the car by coming apart into 4 pieces. I’ve also taken it on several flights , trains and underground. It’s very manoeuvrable and for planes you can take it to the door of the aircraft. On eBay £3-400.
Hope that’s helpful
Good luck

Thank you all for your input and suggestions.
I currently use a Travelscoot Escape lightweight folding mobility scooter to get about. It ‘lives’ in the boot of the car. Unfortunately my MS has progressed to the point that I no longer can get on and off it easily which is causing me concern.
But what to replace it with? Hence the reason for posting here.
I’ve been exploring two routes. The powered one and separately self-propelled one.
Powered: Very much taken by the Trekinetic and wonder if anyone on the forum has gone down this route and I’d be interested to hear their comments.
Regarding self propelled I found the following Quickie Krypton F which seems to tick all the boxes. Or something similar.
As always grateful for your views and advice.