Wheelchair - which is best to buy?

Hi all I’m looking for a bit of advice from wheelchair users - after 2yrs of seeing my mobility get worse and not being able to take my daughter out places, I’ve decide to get some wheels to give me a bit of freedom again and be able to get out and about and enjoy life! However if I need to use some then I want to be comfortable in them, and if it means getting a little loan to fund it I will do what I can. So I’ve been looking at a Kuschall and a Quickie, but which is best? I want a wheelchair which dosent look like a shopping trolley, which is lightweight, can collapse down small to fit into my car boot and that I can self propel. At 30yrs old I want to have my freedom back, I want to be able to take my daughter on days out and still look like a 30yr old! The chap at the mobility centre today told me he’d heard some bad reviews against the folding Quickie wheelchair, saying that after a couple yrs they became very ricketie and weren’t built to last, he did say the ridget frame chair in his opinion was better and more robust - can anyone give me their views? Thank you in advance Liana

Hi I own a kuschhall ultra lightweight. It folds, wheels detach, weighs 7kg & fits folded with wheels detached into a golf / corsa car boot. It was built to measure. I got a cushion c/o the NHS wheelchair services grant. It is very comfy, is okay on cobbles with rigid tyres and self propels with folded push handles. I have had it 6 years with no problems and have taken it abroad 3 times. I use it indoors & outdoors. It’s easy to steer & mine is a snazzie purple. I chose a footplate rather than individual footrests as seemed more non-wheelchair like. I would say to test one and get measured for it as you will want it to last years. Mine cost about £1500 but was worth it. Regards Neil

Sorry… Defo apply for wheelchair grant via the NHS as can give upto £250 as far as I remember. Neil

I got my wheelchair via the OT had two now

I have just checked out the nhs wheelchair service, it says that you have to be referred by your doctor, OT etc., there is a voucher towards the cost of the wheelchair but ti doesn’t say how much. I am going to get on this as I ramdomly got one off ebay, which is neither use or ornament as it is clearly too big. You have to have an assessment and then they will suggest what you need, if you are are eligible. Even, if you are not they may be prepared to measure you or give you some suggestions. I am definelty, following this up on Monday. Thanks Neil… Lou x

I’ve had a NHS issue chair for the last 18 months, but as it’s heavy and really clunky, so I made the decision to get a more lightweight/practical chair that I can easily get into the car as my other chair weighs 14kg and takes up my entire boot! I opted for an RGK Tiga FX. It’s a rigid chair that collapses down to the size of a small case, weighs only 6kg and it’s easy to push. People see me and not the chair :slight_smile: It’s not a cheap purchase, but it will give you so much more freedom. Mike.

Thank you everyone for your advice. I have been refereed by my OT and had the assessment at my local mobility centre, they were willing to give me an NHS one (which I didn’t want), we spoke about the voucher scheme which I’ve opted for, but from what they were saying I will probably only receive £200-£400 and I know the chairs I’ve been looking at are £1500+, but I want to feel comfortable using one both practically and mentally so I think the investment will be worth it. I will have a look at RGK Tiga FX, I definitely need one which is light weight and can collapse down pretty small, I don’t want one to take up all the space in my boot! Anymore advice from experienced chair users would be greatly appreciated? Liana :slight_smile: