advice wheelchair? ?

Evening guys Desperately after some advice please. After using wheelchair for 2years realised going to be in for life. So trying to get some independence back and cant do that with current chair its very heavy and not easy whilst battling with a 2yr to lol. Looking to buy a chair for life but not to expensive and has to be light not looking for it for sports just general day to day stuff with my daughter. can anyone make any suggestions or recommend any they have have looked at quickie but cant afford the £2500 they want thank you P xx


Ask your doctor to refer you to your local wheelchair service, as they should have a voucher scheme. This is where, instead of giving you a wheelchair, they give you a voucher that’s worth the same amount as the chair they would have given you. You can then use this to put towards getting a chair of your choice from an approved shop.

I got my chair using the scheme. The voucher I was given was for about £500, which I then topped up to get my one (a Quickie Neon). I was incredibly lucky as my employer was happy to pay the rest. But you could try applying for a grant from your local branch of the MS Society. Or see if there’s anywhere on here that you could apply to for a grant -

Hope you’re able to get the chair that’s right for you.


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i have a kuschell ultralight chair. It cost around £1500 so cheaper than a quickie.

Dan is spot on in trying for a grant. I was less lucky than dan as I only got a £50 grant but it did get me a seat cushion.

Definitely get yourself measured for a chair as comfort is very important.

all the best


Thank you both will ring drs now xx

For what it is worth, I have a Karna lite collapsible self-propelled wheelchair (@only 12 kg) which cost about £350. It is very good for occasional use (eg holidays) and putting into the car etc. I hope this helps. If you need one full-time, try them out and get what is right for you. Remember, nothing lasts for ever and you get what you pay for. Be comfortable.