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Hi this is my first post. I’m looking to get a power chair but there just seems to be so much choice ! I’m looking for one that is fairly light, has fairly good suspension, turns easily in tight spaces, would carry my crutches + a bag + would accommodate a 6ft 12 - 13 stone man. I’m thinking of putting it with a hoist in my car + although I can’t take it apart myself I would like one that could do that or fold if I needed. Anyway does one chair do that ?! Or am I being too optimistic ? Also it would help if it wasnt too expensive. I would appreciate any ideas. Thanks

You are better off coming to somewhere like Naidex or MS LIFE, there are plenty of stands showing various. You need to make a list of the various stuff it has got to do.

If you can’t take it apart yourself, who will be doing that?

Have you a WAV already? Looked into hoists? MOST powerchairs have lead batteries which make them heavy and don’t come apart. I have an add on motor, but does require some assembling

A lightweight scooter might suit you - the ATTO is pretty foldable

RICA are a body that offer unbiased reviews

Thanks for your response Reddivine + for the links + information. I have been to Naidex in the past when buying a wheelchair + I agree it is good for seeing a range of products. I would normally be travelling alone + will be getting a suitable vehicle next year when I change my Motability car. My dealer is Vauxhall so I think I will get a Mokka which should accommodate a hoist + power chair. I do still need to sort this out with my dealer + adaptions company tho. I want a power chair that can be folded or taken apart when I’m travelling with friends or family who won’t have a hoIst. Personally I can’t lift partt of a power chair or scooter into my own car so would need help with that. I may have a problem assembling at home. Your add on motor sounds good Tho. Anyway thanks for your help.

I don’t have a car any more but I have a folding power chair so I’m not restricted to wheelchair accessible taxis. It’s transformed my mobility. I rely on friends and cab drivers to fold and store it but at 25kg, it’s at the lighter end.

The company is owned by a brash Lancastrian called Shaun. His after sales service is superb.

Best wishes, Steve

Hi Steve. Thanks for your response and the link. The power chairs look good on the website + the lighter weight is attractive. Shaun sounds like a good bloke ! Thanks for your help. Best wishes.

Hello Steve. Thanks for the link. Can I ask why model you have?

I’ve been given a reconditioned power chair which is great for outdoors. It’s a sturdy beast though and we’re lucky enough to have bought a vehicle with a drop down ramp. I can shuffle and manage to get into the passenger seat. Hubby then steers the chair up there ramp into the vehicle.

I have a Helium manual chair for holidays and air travel. I don’t drive any more but I’d love my independence and be able to go in a friend’s car or a taxi.

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Poppy, I’m not sure of the model. I chose the more expensive one because it was so easy to fold.

It seems a lot to pay out but it has given me wings so to speak. Tomorrow I fly to Cyprus.


No worries Steve.

What part of Cyprus are you staying at? My sister in law lives in limasol. Iv been there twice and did the tourist bit. I loved it there. Have a wonderful time. :slight_smile:

Poppy, I’m going to Northern Cyprus where my friend is a head of an international school.

It’ll be a week of relaxation in a moderate climate.

Big day tomorrow,.

Steve x

That’s wonderful Steve. Physical relaxation and intellectual stimulation, and the company of friends. You’ll have a great time. Share your thoughts when you get back. I hope you find the airport assistance as wonderful as I do. I’ve been on many trips abroad and once I accept that I can’t do it on my own and let them do what they do, I have a great time. Happy travels x

I need 2 Powerchairs

I have the Quickie Salsa mini2 for use at home, which is great - I do use it outdoors too - but I am tired of cleaning the tyres when I bring it indoors - so I might get a second power chair in the new year. (I live in a rural area so muddy lanes)

The Ottobock 600 has lights and reflectors, so good for out and about in the dark winter nights. It’s expensive though, so I will go for a used one.

Here it is:



The Quickie Salsa mini2 is supplied by NHS Wheelchair Services on loan for 5 years - maintained by them.

The Ottobock 600 will be bought privately by me - I have saved £500 but I will need at least £1500 - £2,000 for a good used model.