Lightweight scoot

Hi all…

Just wanted to ask if anyone could recommend a lightweight, 4 wheel, reliable, easy to open/shut scooter. Doesnt need to be taken apart either. My hands not brill and my balance is worse…Been looking at loads on sites and the only one I can find is a SMARTY… Anyone got one? Any good?

This SMARTY is very expensive though but just need to “give in” and “get out there”. I’m fed up being isolated and want some independence back. Cant remember when I was able to get in car, get out the other side and have a look in the shops on my own.

Thanks very much.

Hi I have a Luggie and love it easy to fold down and pop into the car take a look at their website.

I think I posted about my mobility scooter before, but I bought a DiBlasi last September. I looks good, bright red, and folds down and up at a touch of a button. It weighs about 23 kilos, and I can, just, lift it into the boot of my car. It has two speeds, one a slow walk and the other a quick walk, and can reverse. It’s very manoeuvrable, as it only has three wheels. The first one I had was unreliable, so it went back to the shop, Cavendish Mobility, and they replaced it. The new one is fine, but it doesn’t like the wet. I drove it through a rainstorm, and when I got inside the Emirates stadium it packed up, so I got someone to push me into the lift, it can freewheel. It was fine after the game, when it had dried off.