Scooter, HELP PLS

Hi all, i'm looking for  a v.lightweight scooter that can be left outside and easily put into a car without taking up too much room, the battery can be charged inside,so must be easy to remove, i'm also looking for a cover for it outside, so it can stay there.  Any ideas of makes, models, cost etc?  Thank you.

See my post of the last few days headed Di Blasi folding electric scooter as that is exactly what I am after.  I have considered three (Travelscoot, Luggie, Di Blasi) as I need to fit it in the back of my Mini so not much space and i want to be independent.  I think I have settled on the Di Blasi(I have tested one) and will be ordering in the next week.  here are the links


Don’t think that you didn’t get much response to your question because there wasn’t much interest in it. On the contrary. I suspect a lightweight scooter that folds easily to go into a car is just about the Holy Grail.

If you try a search you’ll find that this topic has come up many times (not least by me!)

I wanted a scooter that folded up without taking it to bits and found one or two

The Luggy
TGA Buddy

There’s another but I can’t remember what it’s called.

If you are happy to take the scooter apart to put it in the car the world is your oyster. Just about every manufacturer makes one.


The transportability comes at a cost – that being the stability and ability to cope with anything much more than a smooth level surface.

I gave up in the end because my circumstances changed and I got a powerchair instead.





Hi.  I have a Pride GoGo 3 wheeler scooter which I find really good. There is also a 4 wheeler version which is also good. x x 



Travelscoot.  Weighs 18 Kg, must be the lightest on the market.  3 Wheeler. 

Can be driven 'off piste' but you do need to be careful.  4 mph, battery does about 8 miles but depends upon weight of driver and luggage,

When folded is the size of a large golf bag.  Ideal if you want to be independent.  Can take a small suitcase or shopping

Got one myself, see reviews on my website

Not expensive £1200 new but look on ebay.

Good luck,