A new folding scooter - The Minimo

This looks good:


Pat x

This does look good! I am currently ‘tentatively’ looking at scooters to go in the car, needs to be quite small to go alongside a dog cage in the boot - no mention of price though?

It look very like the Luggie. But is a little (1kg) heavier and when folded looks a little bulkier. I have been using my Luggie for over a year now and love it.

It is great that there are so many light weight scooters coming on the market now. So much choice. The days of being independent and disabled are really being recognised at last


Hi, had a quick google and can’t find price. Maybe because it’s not on sale yet? Anyway worth keeping an eye on but as Belinda (Brog) says, it’s heavier and bulkier than Luggie.

The great thing is that more and more of these small portables are coming on market, which generally means the prices should go down a bit.

Pat x

TGA - are an excellent company - there scooters are well made. But when it says it is ONLY 23kgs. And you can fold it and pick it up without having to dismantle. Well l am use to picking up 15kgs sacks of animal feed - but 23kgs - l think l would struggle. Be all right getting it down - but to pick up and put in the back of a car - a bit much. Hatchbacks usually have a ‘lip’ that you have to lift things up and over. So its probably a good scooter if you have someone with you to help.



As an employee of TGA it’s nice to see the buzz surrounding a new product. Campion I’m glad you think we are an excellent company we’re all quite excited about the release at Naidex. I’m not sure when the price will be released but I’m sure Naidex will prove a good forum to gauge people’s opinions on this. It’s not for sale yet but if you keep an eye on the news section on our website http://www.tgamobility.co.uk/news or facebook page http://www.facebook.com/tga.mobility.scooters then these are both regularly updated.

There seems to be a demand for smaller easily portable Scooters. Campion I understand your comment that 23kgs is still quite a weight to lift on your own. Although we needed the Scooter to be lightweight and compact we also need it to be sturdy and secure. To enable you to lift this sort of Scooter in and out of a car then you can use the car boot for leverage this will reduce the weight by about 50%. Even easier if you can is to use a hoist.

I’m personally looking forward to having this Scooter as part of our range. It means that there are even more options when matching the individual with the right person. It looks to me as though this will be ideal for those wanting a quick trip to the shops or for our more adventurous globetrotting customers.

It’s lovely to hear all your of your feedback I’ll be watching this forum with interest.

Thanks Claire. I will certainly keep on eye on the scooter. It will be great to have a portable esp if price is right.

I personally would like one I could get in a taxi to go to art galleries & museums. More independence than a wheelchair. I have a Paris Shoprider… fantastic robust scooter but too big and difficult to take to bits and get in taxi.

Pat x