Mobility scooter eeekkk !!!

i took the plunge and orderd a scooter online, i have been thinking about getting one, a lightweight one just for the flat ground and the shops,and i always thought i would prefer one to my w/c, BUT i woke in a panic this morning ,thinking why did i order one,i hope i get my head round using it, if not ive wasted a lot of money.It doesnt help that my 2 grown up kids and my other half, take the mickey.

i orderd one because i HATE having to be pushed in the w/c, i cant self propel, i dont have the strength,so i thought it would be better on a scooter, once ive got my head round using one,i cant be the only one that fels like this can i ?

jaki xx

No, you’re not alone - I had VERY mixed feelings when I ordered mine, I bought it specifically so I can walk my dog - not something I can do on foot any more. It gets used most days - I don’t take it out in the rain or in the dark, so I’m hoping to use it more often when the nights are lighter. I live out of town a bit and I would use it more if I was closer to shops/dr/vet/etc but I still think it is a good investment, it gets me out of the house and into the fresh air more often than I would have done before. Before it arrived, I did intend putting it in the car so I could take the dog along the beach promenade, or round one of the lovely parks in Aberdeen, but I completely failed when I imagined it would be lighter than it actually is - I couldn’t comprehend 60kg at all, so it hasn’t yet been in the car, going to have to invest in a set of ramps I think and work out the logistics of car + dog + scooter. I’m also still getting used to driving it, it arrived mid-Jan. I learned early on that slowing down for corners is a good thing - you don’t want to get the thing on 2 wheels, esp if there are witnesses!

You may already have looked, but Ebay have lots of accessories - covers, walking stick holsters, etc - I put a set of chrome effect flame decals on the front of my scooter - they may look silly, but they amuse me.

Good luck,

Luisa x

Hi Jaki,

I also hate being pushed in a w/c it makes me feel diminished and hopeless but a scooter is another thing altogether.

I felt a bit of a twit when I first got it but that soon went. I go out everyday to walk the dog. Today I also went round the shops and it was lovely to get out in the sunshine. I’m really looking forward to the warm weather as I have had some very cold outings this winter, the wind blows right off the dales and makes my eyes water.

You will really appreciate the independence your scooter will give you and will find that you don’t regret your purchase at all. (Even if your nearest and dearest do take the Michael !)

Have fun and let us know how you get on.


Just think about all the things you’ll be able to do,ie shopping,or just getting some fresh air without having to rely on anyone else.And take the pee back ! Flippin cheek,xxjo

Hi Jaki,

I recently bought a scooter (I call it my bat mobile) and it’s fab, you don’t get worn out, it’s so easy to steer, no strength needed, just watch out if you’re reversing. I was never any good at reversing when I used to drive my car, but I find the scooter so much better. The independance it gives is fantastic. Enjoy it.

Janet x

It’s the best gift you could ever give yourself! The freedom, independence and most of all fun! I now take my boys into school every morning apparently I’m not as cranky as I was before either! Walking with a rollator is very hard work outside and I was reluctant to go anywhere. Now I don’t think twice- have scooter will travel!!

Hi Jaki.

Don’t panic, you have done the right thing, just use and enjoy.

But no racing or rallying.

Take care.

Chris R.

I. El. (Eng). (Rtd).

I know its going to be a bad day when I get out of bed and miss the floor.

Hi, I’ve only just recently got one, and I love it, I’ve got my independence back, enjoy, now the good weather coming, take care, and happy scootering, Jean x oh by the way I’ve called my Paddy, cos I’m Irish

Hiya Jaki,

I love my scooter, Im in charge of where I go and boy do I get there fast and back again without using too much energy. Be warned though, some people seem not to see one. Twice Ive had people walk into mine through not paying attention, plus I keep forgetting Ive got a horn.

Happy riding I would say, I dont regret getting mine and now couldnt do without it. I can go for miles now and not worry about fatigue, legs going into spasm and dont have to sit cos I already are.

Take care,



Hi Jaki, you have SO made the right decision!

Manual wheelchair = having to wait for other people to push you about. Having to go where they want to go. Having to go at their speed. Not being able to stop to look at stuff you want to look at. Feeling dependent on other people. Having to feel you have to say ‘thank you’ the whole time. Ok I know they have their place and can be useful… but…

Scooter = Going where you want to go WHEN you want to go. Going at the speed you want to go at. Stopping to look at what you want to look at. Being independent!!!

It’s a whole different ball game. YOU are in charge.

I was so terrified when I first went out on mine I was close to tears. I thought I’d just blown a lot of money on something I couldn’t use. But I forced myself to go out every day for a few days. At first just in the side-streets close to home. Then with my sister to the local shopping centre. Then on my own to the local shopping-centre. Suddenly I got the hang of it and I’ve never looked back.

I love it. It is my legs.

Give yourself time and do little trips like I did. You will find people are ever-so nice and other people on scooters usually nod and say hello. If your kids & other half take the mickey, tell them where they can go. This is about YOU not them.

Good luck and tell us how you get on. Believe me. It’s like being given a new lease on life.

Pat x


scooter arrived last night, its a ‘pride go go elite’ and i love it, i just know i am going to like using it,and cant wait to try it out.

Thanks for all your encouragement its helped me get my head round getting one,will let you know how i get on when i use it.


jaki xx