mobility scooter or car? Can't make my mind up! Could do with some advice.

I have recently had all my benefits reviewed and I am in receipt of hight rate mobility.

I have had an assessment and hand controls have been recommended which I have no issue with but I find using and getting in and out of a car very difficult especially when my spasticity is at it’s worst. I have two young children that I have to negotiate in and out of the car and it hurts to bend over and do their belts etc. I passed my test last August and have found driving a complete nightmare and a total pain to be honest. I am not sure if the accident I had has helped but I panic and find I fatigue just as quickly as I do using public transport with a tri walker. I have no car at the moment as I am making my mind up.

I thought maybe a mobility scooter may be a better idea as I don’t go far because of being alive enough for when the kids are home. I could use it for the school run but what happens when it rains.

I really don’t know where to turn so I was hoping that some of you may be able to give me some advice as we all understand each others struggles.

Best wishes x

I had to give up driving because of double vision so in a way the decision was taken out of my hands.

At the time I lived a mobility scooter ride away from everything I needed (shops, drs, opticians etc etc) I decided to withdraw a sum of money each month and keep it in my “taxi jar” so that I always had cash in hand if I needed it. Over a year I spent far less on taxis than running a car.

I found it surprisingly easy to be without a car. Yes I miss it for some things – like a trip to Ikea or taking the dog to the vet but on the whole I manage fine. I shop on line for just about everything and accept that delivery charges are instead of car costs.

I had begun to find driving very stressful and to be honest it’s a relief not to do it.
Now I have an electric w/chair too so I can use the bus (something I would never have considered with just a rolator)

I don’t know how you will cope with 2 young children though. A couple of mums near me take the children to school with their scooters so it must be viable.

The rain is a pain – no doubt about it but you just have to grit your teeth, get the right clothes and put up with it. It won’t do your kids any harm to walk home in the rain.