Advice on Mobility Scooters Please?

I’ve been struggling with the mile-long walk (with my young daughter) to school for quite a while now. The beginning of the week is manageable, I get lifts with friends where possible and hubby does three there and back trips during the week.

So I’m looking into getting a mobility scooter to help me with some of the trips and going to a local mobility centre tomorrow to see some second hand ones.I’m only 40 and going back to see a neuro next month. I also start a CFS course next month. I’m fed up of getting slowly worse and I think the miles I have to walk are not helping. I don’t drive and can no longer ride my bike safely.

Does anyone have any tips or advice about mobility scooters?

If you’re getting a second hand one try to make sure the batteries are in good nick. My dad had one from new but from experience when the batteries went they went quick. If you can wangle fresh batteries might be a good idea. Prevent you getting stuck in between home and school like a non ever ready rabbit!! Mick

I know Which Magazine produced a report on 16 models this year (June or July). Someone on here mentioned it could be accessed on line or you can probably read it at your local library. It covered things like range on a single charge - can be a big variation; how heavy it was to lift and price. Also remember Wobbly Boy had something to say on the value of seeking peoples personal experience which he was willing to share.

This is obviously my personal feelings but here goes.

Always get insurance

Tell DVLA get road tax if you’re going on the road

Always get a 4 wheeled scooter; 3 wheels can be dangerous if turning sharply

Very much cheaper to buy second-hand and usually just as good; just make sure serviced before driving

4 mph scooter is NOT legal on road; 6 and 8 mph are

You must only drive maximum of 4 mph on pavement

If leaving outside always lock and chain; if anything like the lovely kids around my area have nicked mine twice

Good luck it will give you the freedom and stop struggling to get somewhere


Thanks for all the advice! I went to a local family run mobility centre today and found exactly what I was looking for - it’s a four wheeled pavement scooter, fully serviced and guaranteed for a month. The battery is in good condition and has been tested.

It’s an Electromotion Superglide, a few years old but within my budget and I got an outdoor cover free of charge.It also comes with a bag on the back of the seat. I test drove it and found it very easy and comfy to use. Yes, I’ll be getting insurance.

I’m looking forward to getting in in a couple of days - it’ll be just in time as ironically I had to walk a bit too far to get to the shop, so if my body sticks to the usual boom and bust pattern of chronic fatigue, I’ll need it by then!I was already getting the return of the myoclonic jerks this afternoon. I’ll keep walking the morning school run but use my new wheels for the afternoon one.

Awesome news reiki, you’ll have to get it sprayed with go faster stripes and a two tone horn ;). Glad you found what you were after. mick

Mick, I’ll admit, I have ordered a Serenity vinyl sticker for it (I love Firefly! Big Joss Whedon fan :slight_smile: It already has a horn (though it’s a horrid sound!). Now, here’s hoping it fits through the garden gate!

It arrived, I’ve successfully navigated the school run and back and I love it! I’m sure it will make a positive impact on my energy levels. To stay fit, I will only do one school run a day using it. I need to keep getting my exercise! Yesterday I felt like I’d been out clubbing and it was 3am…when in reality it was about 5pm.No, I haven’t been clubbing in years.

Sal, all I can say is that you’re a very classy lass!. I wish they’d see sense and bring that damned show back. One of a few awesome series cut short when they should have carried on!!!.glad you love it, it’ll give you a bit more freedom and yes keep exercising!!

Shh, Mick…that’s my secret identity! I’ll have to make a quick getaway. At 4mph. (My daughter has already made a Dr. Nefario joke - from Despicable Me 2)

Haha I was actually thinking more along the lines of the new superhero character that Keith lemon plays in celebrity juice!! :wink:

Now you’ve lost me. Pass me a link?