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Hiya folks the time has come for me to get a scooter. I’ve held off long enough but it’s just getting stupid now how much im struggling along with my walker. I’ve had shots on scooters before so I kinda know what I’m doing…??? I need it to be able to take my dog walks and go exploring out and about but without the fear of getting stuck on a pot hole, kerb or branch/whatever so I’m looking at rough terrain ones for sure. Have you lot got any suggestions? I’ve been looking at tramper and TGA Breeze. Are TGA ones as off road as they say they are or is tramper the only one for that kinda thing? What’s the scooter rules about taking them into shops? I’ve used the shop mobility scooters before but always left them outside the shop cos of the size of the shops but if it’s a big supermarket or a shop like say, the range or b&m… am I allowed to go in on the scooter or can you only do that on the smaller scooters? When I’m over at my sisters in Portland, they have big scooters inside the doors you can jump (not literally ) on and go zooming round the place. I’d never make it otherwise, they’re that big but then everything over there is big! I did hire a lightweight scooter when I was staying in York for a long wknd last sept and it meant I could get out and about and not be dragging myself along pushing malky my walker and be knackered in no time. It was a good experience of what kind of scooter I don’t want though cos bumpy pavements, cobbles etc made for a bone rattling journey shall we say… and I realised those type of scooters are more for whizzing around nice flat shopping centres, not out on the streets. It dismantled too so it could go in the car but the only part I could lift was the plastic basket ha! I’d be storing it outside too, I’ll need to get some kind of scooter shed to store it in. What type do you all use? Is there a certain kind that’s better or does it not really matter, aslong as it has electric connected? Sorry for all the questions, I just don’t know what type I’m best getting and know some of you have scooters, would you be able to help advice me or suggest any type of scooter that would be best to get?


I have a Tramper and it’s brilliant. I can get out and about in the countryside. It’s ok for supermarkets but it helps to pick your time. It’s a real conversation starter. It was a bit expensive but I’ve used others around various gardens and sites and they don’t compare in any aspect. You can get second hand ones on ebay but I was happier with a new one. Going round small shops I tend to go up to front door and wave.

Best wishes, Steve.

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l have a Tramper - it is my second one. l love them as l have 4 large dogs who l take out over fields and tracks. Tied to the scooter they cannot pull it over. TGA are also good. They do a heavy 3 wheeler [so do Tramper] - that looks like the Harley of disability scooters. With a weighty 3 wheeler they do not get stuck in ruts - as back wheels do not follow the front wheel track. And they are easier to turn. Not to be compared to the 3 wheeled fold up ones that go in a car.

The man who comes to service my Tramper - comes in a VW van - and usually has 4 Trampers in the back - uses a ramp to get them in.

l would be lost without mine - Not tried going into shops. Mine is always caked in mud so would not be welcomed.

First Tramper was about 10yrs old when l bought it - 4 yrs later l traded it in for a new one. The old one - reconditioned is still in use somewhere. And l got what l paid for it when l traded it in.

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wow the tramper looks good