Which scooter............

I need a scooter that can cope with sometimes going off-road, taking dogs for walks & bringing my horses which one should I look at.........any ideas!

Hello H,long time no see. I think there is only one buggy which may put up with you and your off road shenanigans and that is the Tramper. I don't know a huge amount about it,but there are a couple of girls who frequent these Boreds who may come to your rescue.


Livestock, Hubby, vehicles OK?


Laters,  S+S  x

Hi Hazel

This is a link to my Tramper  They are extremely capable and will cope with almost anything you can throw at them.

I have had mine for about eight years, it was secondhand when I bought it, and it is still going strong. I have taken it up Pen-y-fan in Wales so mud and a bit of rough stuff are not a problem.

The company that make them are called Beamer Ltd just google it and you will find there site.

Hope this helps Chris

Thank you both very much, the Tramper does seem to be the one to have I think.

Steve your a cheeky boy, I do not do 'shenanigans'.......the livestock are fine, I nearly lost Kaja just before the winter, but with careful managment she is doing well & her condition is under control. She is so well she is back in work & enjoying herself, if you know your animals, you know when they are happy.

Robert is fine, swearing at the car, but that's normal, a part of the tool kit!




As with the other posts, I think that the Tramper is the dogs do das. I have a Landlex Gazelle, class three, it is very good, and would/will cope with crossing a field, but I don’t think it would hold a candle to the Tramper.

One thing I would advise, is to contact your local authority to see if there is a mobility centre in your area, if there is, there is no better way than visiting such a centre, explaining to them exactly what you want to achieve with a scooter, they should then be able to let you test drive a few.

(Please don’t take the above paragraph, as teaching granny to suck eggs, that’s not my intention.)

When I went looking for mine, the centre even offered to bring a scooter to my home location, for me to test drive, without any obligation on my part.

The other thing was they said they could not better internet prices, but they would price match, in addition to this they treated each tyre with the anti defilation compound, I also wanted a cover, which was approx seventy pounds worth, all supplied at no extra charge.

Please don’t take the second paragraph, as teaching granny to suck eggs, that’s not my intention.

Hope you get sorted with a scooter, remember no racing or rallying.


Take care.

Chris R.

I. El. (Eng). (Rtd).


Wish there was an edit function on this forum, then I could have removed this :-

Please don’t take the second paragraph, as teaching granny to suck eggs, that’s not my intention.

Sorry did not realise until I posted, that I had repeated myself, (now my brain hurts ).

Chris R.

Have you looked at TGA scooters?  they were the ones used in Top Gear when they went up a mountain

Hello all,

Thank you, I will look at all the mentioned options....Chris you are forgiven.

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