New Toy


Thanks to everybody who gave me advice on Mobility Scooters - my scooter is due for delivery on Tuesday, so today I ordered a pair of waterproof overtrousers, a walking stick holder, and a set of chrome effect flame decals from Ebay. Still got mixed feelings, but on the whole, looking forward to it so I can get out with the dog.

Whoo hoo!

Luisa x

Great news! Mine’s coming on Tuesday too. I think I’m quite excited about it although I know what you mean about mixed feelings. I haven’t ordered any accessories yet so I’ll have to keep my fingers crossed that it doesn’t rain!

Hope the dog gets used to it quickly.

Sarah x

Happy scootering Luisa!

Hello Luisa,

I have a mobility scooter but one that can only be used on paths (unless there aren’t any) and use it when I have days out. Other than that I hobble around with a stick.

I wish you happy “motoring” and take care.

Janet x

l was only thinking about you this morning and wondering if your scooter had been delivered. We have had some beautiful sunny days - cold - but oh its so good to see blue skies and sunshine. This morning l have been out on my Tramper. The local ‘pheasant shoot’ are out - and my OH is with them doing some beating. l met up with them when they had stopped for lunch. Bruno, my lovely rottie, was amused by all the Labs/Spaniels/Terriers/Wirehaired Pointers/ etc and all the men in there tweeds. His little stumpy tail was wagging away. Everyone came and made a fuss of him. He is so laid back - loves everyone and all the dogs sniffing at him. He wouldn’t be any good at fetching the birds - he hates to see anything dead or injured. lf we come across an injured bird or squirrel when out he just wants to lick it and make it better. Not like my daughters Bull Terrier - if he comes across a squirrel that has been run over he just wants to eat it - even tries to swallow it whole fur and all. Bruno will lie down next to the poor creature and look at me as if to ask me to help it. l have had to hose down dog and scooter this morning - both covered in mud.

l put one of those hi-vis gilets over the back of the seat so that cars can see me - l had one that my daughter wrote ‘Hows my driving?’ with underneath ww.whogivesaf** - got lots of toots off passing vehicles.

Happy scootering!!


Hi Frances,

Sounds like you had a good day - Murphy my Irish Setter would have been an absolute nightmare in that situation - he’d have been overly excited and jumping on everyone - he’'ll be 3 next month, so still just an overgrown gype of a puppy! Don’t think he’d be much use on a shoot, although I did catch him a couple of times “pointing” at the cats - he’s never been near a proper gun dog as far as I know, so not sure where he picked that up.

That’s a good idea re the high-vis vest - I have one that I used to wear over my motorbike leathers and I had thought about wearing it on the scooter, but I think that putting it on the back of the seat is a better idea. Where I’m planning taking the dog involves going on some roads that don’t have pavements, so the more I’m seen, the better - maybe I should look at getting a high vis coat for my numpty too - I’ll see how we get on, you get fluorescent collars and leads, that might be enough to keep him seen (I also don’t intend going out much in the dark).

Janet - I also use a walking stick, but I can’t walk far enough to give the dog a decent walk, so the scooter is specifically so I can take him out - I’m sure I’ll find other uses for it though.

Cheryl - thank you, quite looking forward to getting out with the dog, and the peace in the house that will result from having a dog that is tired!

Sarah - when you do come to order accessories for your scooter, check out Ebay, there are lots of things on there at reasonable prices, with the added advantage that they get delivered to you!

L x

Be interested to know how you get on with the scooter actually, my walking is so bad that I could certainly justify a scooter but I don’t have a dog and I go in the wheelchair when I am out. But a scooter might make me more independent so it is an idea. Cheryl:)

Welcome to our world Luisa, I acquired one around 3 years ago, had many happy walkies with my dog (bless her) she was a blind Jack Russell who used to ride on the stand next to my feet, happy days.

I have another scooter now and love riding around the town. I don’t miss driving much but do miss cycling and the scooter is the same in that I can feel the wind on my face as I whizz along.

Good luck



Good Luck with the scooter Luisa. Hope you have a fab time out on your walks with your dog. It sounds like the pair of you are more than ready for this! I’ll be thinking of you on Tuesday trying it out. Have fun! Teresa xx


Luisa, hope yourscooter arrived safely and you’re pleased with it. Mine is currently on charge and will have itsfirst outing tomorrow.

Just had a thought - how do people lock them up? Say you went into town and left it outside a shop and walked in. Obviously you would take the key out but that wouldn’t stop anyone wheeling it away. Have I missed something obvious???

Sarah x


When the key is out the brakes are on. Just give a try pushing it – you’d need the strength of Mountain Man.

Nothing to stop a pair of determined (strong) thieves lifting it into the back of a truck but I don’t think there is a thriving industry of mobility scooter nappers. If you are worried you could get a bike chain (one of those thin bendy ones) and fasten it to a lamppost or something but I don’t think you need worry.

I’m always bothered about my shopping when I visit more than one shop because I leave it in a bag fastened to the seat. I can’t carry it round with me if it’s too heavy but I’ve never had anything nicked.


That makes sense now we’d put it together in one part of the house and moved it to another to put on charge - but the keys were in. I knew I must have missed something obvious!!!

Sarah x


Hope you have your new scooter now and have been enjoying the freedom it gives you.

Janet x

Thanks folks - the scooter arrived in it’s box at about 1500 this afternoon. The TNT driver was on his own and actually asked if there was anyone that could help him to get it out of the van (which did not have a tail-lift) - the box says it weighs 60kg you know. I was good and resisted the urge to be overly sarcastic, so I just put my best empty head look on and said that there wasn’t, and I’m not able, it’s a mobility scooter and I bought it for a reason. After much grumbling, he walked the box to the bottom of my front step and left it for me to unpack, so that was fine. Unfortunately, although all the pictures on the website (and in the user manual) show you the scooter in it’s component parts, all of which I could probably lift separately, some helpful bright spark had put it together, so all I have to do is attach the seat, the arm rests and the front basket. This meant that I couldn’t get the thing out of it’s box. Luckily I have a good friend who came over after his work and de-boxed the scooter, took the battery into the house for me to charge, put the scooter in the garage and the cardboard in the car for me to take to the tip. By this time it was dark though, so I think it’ll be Thursday before I can have a go on it, the 24 hour charge will be up at about 1900 tomorrow, when it will be dark again.

My brother has suggested that sliding the scooter into corners and shouting POWER! might not be a good idea, and I have already decided to keep the vroom vroom noises safely tucked inside my head, haha!

I’ll get there eventually!

L x

Hi Luisa Hurrah, it’s arrived! How frustrating that you can’t use it yet though. Have fun with it. Teresa xx

Hi Luisa.

Have fun, remember no racing or rallying.

Take care.

Chris R.

I. El. (Eng). (Rtd).

Morning, I’m going for a test drive on Saturday, I need it for days out, other than that I get around with a stick, I,m looking forward too it to, but like you have mixed feelings, I just want my independence back, happy scootering, Jean x

Where’s the fun in that?!? The chrome effect flame stickers for the scooter and the flashing collar for the dog arrived today, I will not mix them up :wink:

L x

Hi Jean,

After you’ve had a go, check onine for price comparisons, you’ll often find that it’s cheaper. I got mine from - great service from the shop, as described above, not so much from TNT, but that’s nothing to do with the shop.

L x

Watch out folks - looks like there is going to be an influx of lady scooterers - we should join together and form a scooter formation team. Could this be a new game for the para-olympics. l have seen the group on you tube who all ride Twingoes - think thats what they are called. And there is a lady who competes in dog agility on her TGA.

Lals, you will never be able to tire your lrish Setter - they are so full of bounce. You will only make him even fitter!! But you will both have 'such fun’