Finally Got Out!!

Well, I finally got out with my new scooter and the dog! So pleased I bought it now, it was quite a nice day earlier, if a little windy, so I got the scooter out of the garage and took it for a test drive before getting the dog out. The dog was a little wary of the scooter at first, but soon got used to it and we had a nice wee jaunt round about where I live. I learned quickly about taking corners too fast, and I am now going to look at the manual to see how the armrests fit onto the seat - I couldn’t see how to do it before, so just left them off. This, along with my gung ho cornering attitude and the uneven surfaces I had to travel on, led to a few iffy moments when I was nervous about slipping off the side of the seat!

My garage door is an up and over door with a weight so it closes itself once it starts, and I have now worked out how to close it without clunking myself in the head - it moves too quickly for me to get out of the way, so I stand at the side, lean against the wall, and hook the handle of my walking stick onto it to pull it down, works a treat, and no sore head!

Whoo hoo!!!

Luisa x

Fantastic news Luisa, glad it went well



Hi Luisa, sounds like you did well, what a great way to close the garage door as well. Think the weather has taken a turn for the worse so you did well to get out early on. Cheryl:)

Hi Luisa Sounds like you had a grand old time. I bet your dog loved the exercise. I would have liked to see his/her face when you first set off though. Teresa xx

Thanks guys - Cheryl, I find that the walking stick is quite useful for tasks other than keeping me upright, it’s a fantastic tool to retrieve balls that the dog has chased under the sofa too!

L x

Lol at the walking stick and balls under the sofa. You make good use of the walking stick I can see! Cheryl

Well done with the maiden voyage

Walking sticks are very handy, aren’t they? I use mine at the gym to hook behind my ankles to do thigh stretches!

I hope the weather stays good for you, so you can get out loads

Karen x

Eeee, wheres theres a will etc, eh? Good for you!

Yes, you really do need arm rests to keep you in your seat…found that one out for my self a time or two! Has the scooter got a seat belt? If not we get them on e bay for about £8…proper car type ones they are. had a nasty experience when going out one day, when I had the seat belt which came with the scooter, round me.for some reason I had to lean forward quickly and the plastic buckle snapped!!!

Other than that I offer you my best wishes for safe and happy driving!

Our dog refuses to walk beside me when I am no my scooter…she prefers to ride on my knee, with her ears flapping in the breeze…she`s only a little poodle.

luv Pollx

Thanks Karen and Poll,

There isn’t a seatbelt, but I’ll see how I get on when I’ve installed the armrests and take it from there - I already have a holster for the stick and a high vis vest on the back of the seat, not sure how much more I can add. It would not be a good idea to have my dog in my lap - Murphy is a gigantic Irish Setter, and apart from the weight issue, I wouldn’t be able to see past him, the whole point of getting the scooter is so that I can walk him myself - he slept for most of the afternoon today, so it’s working!

L x