Scooter update......

Well I have been going to the stables on my Breeze 4 & then using it to bring Kaja in from the field, down to the barn (where I keep my carts/carriages) & then the reverse before coming home.

It has made such a difference & reduces the painfull spasms in my legs.

Yesterday it became even better, I took Gabby (our youngest B.Collie) with me, she sat in the foot-well while I navigated the road/pavement, then on the lead going up the lane & nearer the stables let her off. On the way home she was on the lead all the way & in the foot-well when I needed to keep her safe, otherwise she walked/ran alongside & she was so good, the only bit she didn’t like was when i parked her & my scooter while I went into the co-op, but she was still good.

Anyway all this means Gabby is such a good girl & I will be able to take her for walks…happy, happy, happy.



Hi Hazel,

A whole new world has opened up for you and Gabby. Enjoy yourselves. Jx

Well done H.That is exactly what buggies are for…well you are a very rural example,“To improve quality of life”. Really pleasing that all the ‘Kids’ are so happy around it.

Do you carry an emergency inflater can on it,flares, tool kit,life jacket,first aid kit,FBK? Well alright,but you know what I mean.

Excellent news,and ‘praps peeps will gradually realise the changes these’toys’ make to one’s life,

Wb x

A lovely, happy story. Nice!

luv Pollx

Thank you & another update…I took Gabby for a really long walk which included her having a swim & this time when I parked outside the shop she just sat in the footwell until I came back out…oh & we called into our local pet shop where she refused two treats & would only take them from me…awwwwww the wee sweety-pie.



l often meet someone walking a border collie and a staffy - when l am out with my rotties - they play lovely together and they know l have ‘treats’ on my scooter and l am always amazed how my two do not mind ‘sharing’. After meeting ‘Daisy’ the BC - l am always covered in muddy footprints as she always jumps all over me. l do not mind as she is so adorable.

We also share treats with two young Great Danes - they belong to a friend who keeps her horses just down the lane from us. They run around her paddock whilst she is seeing to her horses. As soon as they see me they charge up to the gate for a fuss and a biscuit. l thought my two dogs were large - but not alongside Great Danes. These dogs have on a few occasions managed to get out - and we help to search for them. Luckilly, if they spot me on my scooter they will come to me and l can lead them back to their field. lts like the ‘Pied Piper’. l think now they have blocked off there escape route.


That’s really nice, you seem to be a popular lady.

I am pleased with the scooter & that helps me with the pride swallowing bit, the freedom is worth it.