Scooters and dogs!

Hi everyone,

I know there have been a few posts on here about people taking their dogs for walks with their scooter. I hadn’t got round to it before as I have tended to go out with someone who had the dog. I’ve only had the scooter a couple of months. Well yesterday I decided to give it a go! Holly, who isn’t the cleverest of Cocker Spaniels was brilliant! We have been out again today and she only needed the odd reminder of where she should be walking - and she was ever so slightly out of breath as I can obviously go faster on the scooter than when I walk. We haven’t met another dog yet - I hope she’s good then too!

But at the moment I’m very proud of her - and she’s flat out on her bed snoring loudly!!

Sarah x

Well done Holly! Sounds like you both had a great time.

I expect you`ll get a reply from campion (Frances). She is an avid dog walker/scooter rider. She tells fascinating stories of her travels!

When I am out and about my toy poodle, Lucy, refuses to walk, but sits on my knee like royalty!


luv Pollx


l have just got back from taking my dogs out. Over the fields l met up with a couple with two cockers - one very much like your ‘avatar’ black and white - the other a very handsome red with a white blaze. They both charged up to me and greeted us - and l gave them both a biscuit. My dogs are good at sharing their treats. l think both cockers would have liked to come along with me - they obviously thought my Tramper looked good fun to run alongside. One day this week - we came upon two giant Great Danes - they had got out on there own and were running about the road. l called them over to me and gave them a biscuit - then like the Pied Piper they followed me and my rotties along the road until we got to where they should have been. There owner keeps her horses nearby and lets the dogs out in her field whilst she is working in the stables. Somehow they had found a way out into the next road. l thought my dogs were big - but these Danes came up to my shoulder.

My rotts are alseep on the sofa - like bookends - snoring away.


Hi Sarah,

Well done, it makes such a difference being able to do this yourself doesn’t it? My Murphy (huge big daft gype of an Irish Setter) behaves well when he’s out with me and the scooter, although he has a tendency to be a complete idiot if we meet anyone, so I make sure I rein him in so that the poor unsuspecting pedestrian doesn’t suddenly have 4 stone of overly friendly numpty jumping on them. I have yet to venture further than the streets around my house - to go further, I would need to negotiate some of those nasty yellow and black speedbumps (out of town a bit, no pavements), and apart from the practical challenges, the embarrassment that would ensue from beaching the scooter on a speedbump has prevented me from going far.

Happy scootering

Luisa x

Well done Sarah, its great isnt it, ive just started taking Seamus my Bassett out with me, although he has developed a habit of ‘getting on’ if i stop for a carmuch to the amuzement of passers by. i am now looking forward of 2 weeks of easter hols so the kids can bring our young spaniel on a lea beside us and we can practice with her- she hates it at the mo and could easily get hurt so hopefully the next fortnight will bring a calmer more confident young girl so i can walk them both at the same time- im looking forward to a great summer out and about hope you are to xx


Welcome to the scooter/dog club Sarah.

If it wasn’t for walking my dog everyday I’m sure I would still be in PJs at lunchtime.

I heard my first spring lambs this morning. I couldn’t see them - only adult sheep but they were making a right old racket so they must have been in a shed. It’s so lovely to be out in the Spring sunshine, there were a few days in the Winter when I was nearly weeping with the cold so I really appreciate the warmer mornings. (This is my first Spring out of the city which is probably why I’m waxing lyrical about lambs!)