Walking the dogs again!

I really would like to share my good news, it may help someone else.

My walking is poor, to the extent I haven’t been able to enjoy walking my dogs for a couple of years. It seems to be largely down to balance, fatigue & stiffness. I love being outside, it lifts the spirits.

I sometimes use a standard walker/rollator. But it can’t cope with rough ground. So I bought a Trionic Veloped. Expensive but worth every penny. I walk in my favourite muddy woods regularly. It fits on the back seat of the car, with the dogs in the boot. I must make the most of what I still have.

Here’s a link to the manufacturer.​

I shopped around. Hope this info may help someone else.

Hello Clarkey.

Anything that helps to get us outside and moving is worth it. I spent a small fortune on an all terrain scooter (Tramper) a couple of years ago and it’s brilliant. We stick it on a trailer and take it on holiday with us.

Thanks for sharing, best wishes.


Wow Clarkey, that’s brilliant. Very impressive.

I love the way that disability aids are improving so much… funky walking sticks and crutches, now this brilliant walker and the Tramper which if I lived in the countryside I would definitely go for.

I suppose if we had to be disabled, we couldn’t have picked a better time.

Pat xx

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That’s great Clarkey!

I really miss walking my dogs too.

Nina x

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Hi Clarkey

Its lovely to read good news, so pleased for you.

Pam x

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l have a Tramper scooter. lt is virtually all-terrain. l am out everyday - all weathers with my two rescue rotties and a Romanian rescue. l too, have the trailer as well - and we do go to ploughing matches etc. When my village has been snowed in - luckilly not this winter- so far - l can get out on my scooter in snow or ice - its a brilliant piece of kit.

Hi Clarkey

I am interested in buying one of these walkers, and wonder how good/bad your walking is, so that I can get an idea of how I would do with the veloped… at the moment I get around the house by ‘wall walking’, then use 2 sticks or a walker out doors or in other buildings… As you mention, ‘ordinary’ walkers are not much good if the terrain is the least but bumpy. I know it’s not easy, but how would you rate your walking - maybe it would be easiest to rate on a scale of 0 - 10?!

Thanks for the information, in any case.


Hi Bouncy,

i was last assessed 2 years ago & scored 6.5. I have worsened. My main issues are fatigue - the Veloped has a seat so I walk in batches, park & have a rest. Second issue is balance & am regularly covered in bruises. My legs get twisted with each other, I think it must be the brain damage, as I find a stick one more thing to control- often badly. Having said that I do try to use one when I have nothing to hand to hold on to. I often use walls & furniture to assist balance. This is where I find the Veloped at it’s most useful - balance is sorted, so I have less to concentrate on, so my legs don’t wrap around each other & I stop wobbling. Sadly the Veloped can do little for muscle stiffness. I try to be as active as possible, as I find it good for the soul & helps reduce fatigue for the whole day.

It sounds like you score higher on the disability side. The maker, Trionic (One man band in Sweden) sells direct.he has a no quibble return policy, handy if you don’t get on with it. I bought mine from the complete care shop as it was cheaper. I found a couple used ones on eBay too.

i hope this is useful & like me, can regain some independence & enjoyment.



Hi Steve,

i also looked at the Tramper. I think the disabled ramblers club use them. On the plus side, I’m not that far progressed yet. On the down side, I wouldnt be able to tow one as well as the caravan ! I’m thinking sledge pulled by my German shepherds…mush…

Hi Clarkey

Thanks so much for this. Like you I am 6.5 EDSS - what a pain! We sound fairly similar in terms of capability. I have found a Veloped on ebay so it isn’t such a financial investment, but I’m not sure that it is still available. Thank you again and I hope you continue to enjoy your Veloped for years to come.

Bouncy x

l have looked at the Veloped - looks a great piece of kit! l have a Topro Olympus rollator which is also a Swedish product. And l am very pleased with mine. lt goes everywhere with me. Small enough to get all around the house - and easy to fold up and put into the car. lt also goes over rough stony ground - so great for outdoors. Like the Veloped - it has a very comfortable seat and back rest. ln fact l usually prefer to sit on it then any available chair - as it is so easy to stand up from. l can put a tray on the seat and ‘Serve dinner’. l can get down the garden and go into the paddock we keep our hens and ducks in - take a watering can of water in the basket part. lts opened up a bigger world for me - as before l was so restricted. lndoors, l do furniture walk - but if l want to carry anything l am at risk of falling over. l use a stairlift to get up the stairs - and another rollator at the top so l can get to my bedroom. l have got so use to having it with me at all times now. Just going to empty the washing machine - can put the round laundry basket on the seat and take out to the rotary line to hang up or put on the airer. l have had this Topro for about 2yrs. And it does not show any sign of wear - so very pleased. lt gets lots of comments from people who are struggling with sticks/crutches. l took it with me when l went into the hospital for both hip and knee replacement ops. And l was up and moving around much quicker then people using zimmers or sticks.

l think it cost me about £120. And it comes all ready assembled.

The Veloped on Ebay Uk did not sell - just looked - it had 0 bids. £275. l dont know if it is possible to contact the seller and see if it is still available. l noticed that the bag carries 5kg. The bag on my Topro carries 10kg.

Hi Spacejacket

I saw that it didn’t sell in the auction and have been in touch with the seller but not heard back from him for a couple of days after telling him I am still interested in it and asking a couple of questions. I hope he responds over the next few days


Hi again Spacejacket

I have a Topro Troja, which is great on smooth flat surfaces but doesn’t cope well on anything more ‘difficult’ eg gravel, grass, tree roots etc. Thanks for mentioning the Olympus - it looks pretty good. One thing I (can’t help but) notice with the Troja is that on ‘sideways’ slopes it nearly tips up sideways which is obviously dangerous and makes progress slow and difficult.

How does the Olympus do on cobblestones, and do you find the brakes are firm on slopes?

Thanks for all this