Wheeled walking frames...

Can anyone recommend a wheeled walking frame with an integral seat that I can put a shopping basket on? The one I got on the NHS weighs a tonne, is huge and not very good looking. It’s more disabling than enabling, and I haven’t used it yet - I’m considering giving it back.

I recently bought one a lot like this:

I’ll check the brand name if you want (it’s in the boot of the car). I went for chunky 4 wheeler and I feel pretty safe with it, mine does fold up a bit and it feels good. I have managed to fall over with a 3 wheeler but generally ok with that indoors.

Good luck finding something better suited, the ones I’ve seen in the physio’s room looked pretty rubbish!

Sonia x

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Many thanks Sonia, that one looks like a great improvement on the contraption I currently have!!! If you could let me know the brand of yours sometime - no rush - that would be really good.

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I am in the market for a Rollator and the one you recommend looks very stylish and practical. Is it as good as it looks on the video, which is largely hilarious and clunky.

Did you take a punt, so to speak, and order it direct from the Northern Ireland firm or were you able to test drive it in a shop? I use our local Rehability shop but they do not stock this; they have the Glider Plus at the same price but it is not so appealing to the eye.

I just have the usual reservations about buying such an item without the backup of a local outlet.

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Thank you for your reply.

I just looked at Amazon, merely out of curiosity, and found two Rollators looking suspiciously like the Active Walker available at knock down prices of £674 and £733. What bargains.

I will ring the company on Monday to place my order. I will let you know how I get on with it.

Thanks for the tip.

Alun x

I just thought to add that I have now sent for a rollator - encouraged by the ideas given to me here, the realisation that there are well designed rollators out there!

I found a Norwegian company, TOPRO, and their rollators come in a choice of models and colours, with a 7-year warranty and the possibility of spare parts (although these seem expensive from what I’ve see so far). I’ve gone for a TOPRO Troja Classic in white!

I use a Topro Troja and it is brilliant . cost about £200 but is robust, light, folds well and has a seat for those queues.


l have had a Topro Olympus - for several years. lt goes all around the house and garden - and folds up to go in the back of the car. Bit more expensive then some - but very well made and has been an absolute boon to me. lt has a large carrier plus a seat and back rest. l can place the laundry basket on the seat and even peg out the washing. The wheels are designed so that you can go over gravel and awkward surfaces. Very sturdy - and gets me to the loo much quicker!!! lt is a great support - no bending over like with walking sticks. Love it.

And it arrives already assembled.

Thank you Mogace, Spacejacket and Jackie - it’s great to have positive reviews of this brand - I feel reassured that I have made a good choice now!

I’m hoping that I will now be able to get out and about even in windy or icy weather without risk of falling!

My rollator and l - have been to parties. And where once, my friends and l, would be dancing around our handbags - now we dance around my rollator. Friends bags - scarves - jackets get ‘dumped’ on the rollator - and as my pals get a bit intoxicated l find they start holding onto it as well.


That sounds wonderfully carefree and happy!

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SJ I love the picture your post paints.

Cath x

Mine is an Invacare Banjo, comes at a reasonable price But I liked the look of the Topro but just too pricey for me. I can report back that it doesn’t handle well in a muddy wet graveyard but handled it just about.

Sonia x

Adventures of a Topro Olympus.

l have told you how it is good at disco’s and parties. But it also gets me down to the hens - crossing grass that should have been cut ages ago - but is too wet and muddy.

And l have mentioned before, on here, how one of those round laundry baskets fits exactly onto it - and now l can take washing out to the rotary dryer and hang it out - using the rollator to support me.

lt also allows me to - in the summer - carry 3 - yes 3- watering cans full of water to so l can ‘do’ my pots and tubs on the decking. One watering can fits into the carrier and the other two balanced on the seat. Have to angle the spouts so that l do not get too much of a drenching - but in the dry weather whats a bit of damp!!

We have a wood-burner - and l can fill the bag with the logs and balance several on the seat and wheel indoors to the fire. lt carries more then my OH can manage in one go. So l do have to hoover out bits of bark and hose the wheels off before taking it anywhere.

Before buying it - l did get to try out others. My elderly neighbour had two in her garage. They were given to her husband by social services - OT - to help him around the house. But he could not use them as they did not go through his doorways - and social services will not come out and collect them. l found they were not stable enough for me - if you shifted your weight to one side they tipped.

The Topro Olympus was recommended to me by Patrick - who uses this forum.

When l consider the rough treatment l have given this rollator - especially the bag part - l am amazed that it does not show any sign of wear n tear. Brakes still working well - never needed to adjust them.

l have even sat on it - at a ‘do’ - and my daughter has grabbed the handles and pushed me round and round the dance-floor to Jumping Jack Flash. Sadly it is no good at doing the ‘Macarana’.

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Nice one - I was always a rubbish dancer, and find that one of the “benefits” of MS is that I no longer feel quite so “git-like” when I choose not to dance.

If my wife sees your post she will be throwing me around like a rag doll - cheers for that !


My slight issue with my rollator was that as I can only use 1 hand properly, every time I put the brake on going down hill I would spin to the right!

I then saw an adapter on the Topro website that connects both brakes to one handle - absolutely blooming brilliant.

Seriously good kit.


It’s remarkable what good mobility aids can do to improve things, when they’re well made, well designed, lightweight, and “able to go beyond the call of duty”. Spacejacket - what you write about your Topro Olympus is fantastic! (I chose the Troja Classic in the end, as it’s slightly lighter and I mainly want it for around town.)

My Leki poles changed my life, they’re like part of me, but not even the idea came from physiotherapy / the NHS. And the miserable, massive, bulky rollator they gave me weighs 16kg, whereas the one I’ve ordered is just 7.4kg. It annoys me that NHS mobility aids can be so poor. Sorry for moaning, but good aids can make an immense difference!

That looks really well designed and neat!

Sorry this is too late for you Lapwing, but I’ve got a belting rollator that I found on eBay, I don’t know how to do a link so the best I can do is explain for any one who is interested. It is called a Banjo, very basic as the price reflects, something like £45. It comes with a weeny wire basket that hangs under the seat on two hooks.

In my previous life I was INCREDIBLY practical, hanging on to what ever I can still do with gritted determination. I made (a while a go) a volumous bag that hangs on the hooks & it’s weight being taken by the wheel height shelf. I can get loads in it. If you couldn’t make a bag your self you could 'praps buy one & get someone to sew some strong hangers on to it.

With an empty bag hanging on the hooks, you can go to a shop & hang the shops regular basket, on the hooks from the short end. At the till you move items out of the basket until you can lift it on to the counter, then pack your goods into your bag. No trolly return to the shop from your car to battle with.

It was a very dull grey, now very bright covered with flower transfers, I love my trundle bug.

If any one did want to know more about it I’m willing to learn how to do a link!

Hi Loulla, I found a link. It says ‘easy storage’. Does it fold flat?

​Thanks, Pat xx