Suggestions for a walker?


My dad was diagnosed with MS last year, although he’s had symptoms for years. He has a weak leg and struggles at times with his mobility. He mentioned once about how women are ‘lucky’, they can get a forward pushing shopping trolley to help them feel secure. This got me wondering if there’s a walker or something a man might feel comfortable using. I’ve tried researching and it’s a minefield, very difficult to know what’s good and what isn’t. I wondered if anyone has any suggestions of good products? Ths is all new to us.

My dad tends to talk to me because I had mobility issues and symptoms myself last year (now mostly resolved) and I’m still being monitored by a neurologist. I think my dad feels I can understand to a degree what he’s going through. I’m just glad he can talk about it, as it’s been hard. He’s early 60s and had to give up driving, which has been really tough for him.

Any suggestions would be gratefully received. Thank you.

I bought this one earlier this year from Elite Care. I find it lightweight to chuck in the car and not as “clunky” as some I’ve seen. I’m 56 and didn’t want the heavy weight ones I’ve seen some very elderly people use. It is strong and robust and the lightweight bag is detachable.

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a rollator is probably the way to go.

they have a seat as well for when you just have to sit.

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I suppose I should add the rollator I suggested above does actually have a canvas seat in built. Very handy. My hubby has mobility issues of his own and is very happy to use this.

I would recommend that your father or you contact his NHS physiotherapy department. The staff will offer advice and may have some rollators available for him to trial.

Again the postcode applies; some physio departments supply rollators free of charge and some don’t. In some areas you can refer yourself but elsewhere a GP referral is required.

I am 62 and I use a rollator with a built in seat and backrest. It most definitely helps me walk more confidently and maintain my posture. If I need to stop and rest the seat is always available.

I use the following

I wish you and your father well with your enquiries.


I use a Troja Topro rollator, it is light and stable and I can partially fold it to get through narrow gaps. A seat for when I get tired, I even got an adaptor so that 1 handle operates both brakes.

Good luck


I would like to say a huge thank you to you all for your very helpful replies. I really appreciate it.

Alun, that’s a great idea about my dad speaking to his physio. The team have been helpful to him so far and the idea of being able to trial some to get the right one sounds good (if available in our area). Hopefully this will help him to gain the confidence with using a walker too.

Thanks to you all for sharing what items you use and have found helpful - this has really helped me and given some ideas to discuss with my dad.

All the very best to you all :slight_smile:

Could I just add that I’m on my second one, it’s a four wheeled one, I know it down to individual choice but I recommend staying way from the three wheeled ones unless it’s just going to be used indoors. The four wheeled ones have a seat too and they are good for resting a shopping basket on them. The three wheeled rollators, arnt just as stable and unless the centre brace is always fully in place they can shut and tople,


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Electric walkers are highly recommended. For more information, you can visit Seniorfitness. This will help you find the best wheelchairs.

Have a look on Living Made Easy for aids and adaptations.

It’s a charity-run website and doesn’t promote any one product or supplier. From the main page, go to “access and mobility” then “rollators and tri-walkers” for some ideas.

ELENKER Aufrechte is my first walker, it took me a very long time to decide on this one, although I knew I wanted an upright walker there is a huge price range so I took a chance on this one because of price/reviews from this website. I have arthritis and torn meniscus in my knees and fibromyalgia and needed something to help my keep up with my family on a 7 day cruise, I ordered the walker a week before leaving and did not have much time to get used to it before leaving. The walker was easy to adjust and use, I thought it would take time getting used to it but this was not the case. One the cruise the walker got a lot of attention and was asked about quit often, people were genuinely curious and many people said they had been wanting one.