Advice pls, who refers for a 3 or 4 wheeled rollator? Not MS


My friends father is approaching his 90’s and feels he would benefit from one of these.

Who needs to arrange of these…gp/hospital etc. I could give him some advice but dont want him having an accident when it may not be suitable.



the physio provided me with one.

i found the 3wheeled one unstable. got 4 wheeled one which also has a seat.

try several before deciding i would suggest to ur dad and phsio will advise.

ellie x

If there isn’t a physio involved ask Adult Social Care at the local council for an OT visit. There might be more than just a rollator that will help make life easier and safer



I got a four wheeled rollator as it was more stable than three wheels. You can also get them from Mobility Shops.



Yes physio or OT (local council or GP)… but if he can afford it & you don’t want to wait, Argos do a very good one for just under £100.

Pat x

I would advise the OT route if you have the ability to wait for their visit.

I think that like walking sticks they are best set at the correct height to ensure correct posture so that strain isn’t put on other places.

I realise at 90 he may not feel that matters but the correct height etc will minimise falls etc,and as Jane says there is so much equipment out there now something else may be better.

I do know the mobility shop by us does hire pieces of equipment on a short or long term basis and they come to the house if need be and bring a range of things to try and they set them up to fit the person.This might be an option while you wait for OT.


I suggest them getting down to the nearest REPUTABLE Mobility Emorium.They will say exactly what he needs,through an assessment.The NHS/Social Services will not get back to anything approaching their usual ‘normality’ until sometime next year,and who knows how long their lists are.

Just because they’ve been to a shop it doesn’t mean they have to buy anything.If money is tight…There are places/organisations/web sites,where gear is provided for nowt.