Rollator which one?

Hi I’m seriously thinking of buying a 4 wheeled rollator, well more like I need to get one. I need to know where to get one at a decent price. Doesn’t take up to much room when folded and can deal with uneven ground. Please can someone help me Thanks Marian

If you get your GP or neuro to refer you to physio you should get one for free. I had a 3 wheeler first but was able to change it to a 4 wheeler with a seat.


I have a four-wheeler with seat and shopping bag that fits under seat.

I find it useful for travelling (which is something I do less and less). Folds up and fits on back seat of small car or boot of larger car. They are all similar size so that would apply to them all I would think. Not very good on uneven ground… terrible up or down hill… in fact virtually useless on even slight inclines.

I bought quite an expensive one as it does turn into a ‘short use’ wheelchair (in other words, an emergency wheelchair… not good for longer use as it has small wheels and therefore hard to push… but very handy if your legs very suddenly stop working as mine do). Mine was £200 from a company called Comfort Plus (but perhaps cheaper elsewhere).

However you can get much cheaper ones that do not turn into wheelchairs (under £100) and as Jane says you can get one free through physio or OT.

They are useful for short walking distances (corner shop) or as I say, for travelling on trains or days out. Help greatly with balance and very handy having a seat wherever you go.

Hope this helps,

Pat x

The problem with all rollators is that the wheels are quite small and are therefore not good on rough ground.
I went to a local mobility shop and their price for a ‘Drive’ rollator (popular make) was £179. I bought the identical rollator online from the Discount Mobility Shop for £69. I have just checked again and it’s now £59!


Hi Marian,

I have a rollator and use it often, the seat is very useful and the bag underneath. You can get them from Amazon for around £55. It depends on where you live if you can have a free one or have to buy it yourself. I love mine.