My poor dogs

Took them for their usual walk today and they only got 20 minutes instead of their usual hour to hour and a half.
My leg totally gave out and I could barely walk. Luckily I only live 200 yards from where I walk them so managed to get home. Jeffrey needs plenty of excercise (he’s half cocker spaniel so he’s a lunatic!) so I will pay later.
I hate this and if it stops me walking my boys I don’t know what I will do.

I've just got in from taking my cocker spaniel out for a walk with my scooter. I can only manage about 10 minutes walking before I go very wobbly and fatigued so the scooter is great! I appreciate you're maybe not ready for a scooter yet if you usually manage an hour or so, but I just wanted to say there's ways and means of taking the dog for a walk.

Holly is a lunatic too, but she trots alongside very well and it's a good work out for her if I go at top speed!!!

Take care,

Sarah x

I know how you feel :frowning: I have 5 dogs and I’m struggling the last couple of days walking them . Luckily 4 of them are bulldogs so don’t want to go to far anyway . Must admit and I know it’s silly but they are what I worry about most at the mo !
Sam x

Poor dogs and poor you.

First of all: don't panic.  If your mobility has suddenly got rubbish, tell your GP.   If you were confirmed MS, you would probably want to leave it until a day or so had passed with no improvement before deciding it was probably a relapse and telling the doctor, but you don't know what's the matter with you yet, so I think it is important to flag up sudden and marked worsening of function quickly.  

Regardless of what might be causing your troubles, I will say that many of us who have MS will be familiar with how terrifying it is when a relapse hits you like a train, and it can be hard to imagine that things can get better again, but they usually do, and it is wonderful when that happens.

Hang on in there.



I have to say the full hour and a half is a rarity these days. Some of the time I just stand at the gate and chuck the ball for Jeffrey and he would do that all day. My other dog is a lurcher and so lazy he sometimes gives me the impression he is only having a walk to humour me!!

I'm not really sure who I should tell as it wasn't my GP who reffered me it was my eppy nurse on the instructions of my eppy neuro. The neuro I did see told me it was my age and hormones and he didnt even examine me.

Samj 5 dogs!!!!!!!


I also have trouble walking, I'm not dx yet, but sometimes my ankles are really stiff and painful, yet they 'feel' numb, as If they're not really mine...strange. My knee used to give way, but its ok now. I also feel like my knees are made of jelly and that I'm about to faint sometimes and walking is very hard, as I don't feel like I'm walking straight, I'm sure I'am but in my head, I feel wobbly....

If that makes any sense....



Well my arm has now gone weak and the pins and needles are driving me crazy. I'm also thicker than normal, I have just told my friend that I'm fine to look after her mushrooms while she is on holiday...... I meant tortoises!!!!!

I’m sorry I had to laugh at that last bit lol I think it’s the first time I’ve laughed today so thanks xx

Ha Ha......Mushrooms!......that's the sort of thing that I do.  I said to my daughter the other day Hash and Stressle...Instead of Stress and Hassle....! Oh dear...nevermind.



My friend couldn't stop laughing, she said she didn't have any mushrooms but her potatoes would miss her while she is away!

Thing is in my head I definitely said tortoise lol

The cinnamon trust walk dogs for the elderly. Maybe if you contact them they might know of similar charities that could help?

l watched Springwatch last night - and Chris Packham the presenter said 'Plug Fain' l think he meant Flood Plain. Their Springwatch Film set was flooded out at the weekend - one of the porta cabins floated away!!


l take my dogs out-me  on my Tramper - its almost all-terrain - so l can take them down bridle-ways and farm tracks through fields and woods. This morning l could just about see Roxy's tail above the crop as she was following the sent of a rabbit or fox. l was smiling and thinking what a lovely time she was having and how happy she was - when - she stopped and rolled in something evil smelling. What a sight she looked as l came back into the village - l was hoping knowone would stop to speak to us. When we got back l put the hose on her and washed it off.  lt must have been fox poo.