shall i, or is it too soon?

hi everyone,

i was diagnosed on 29th nov. one of the things that made me go to the doc’s was how dizzy i have become. my co-ordination & vision are also terrible! it gets unbearable after walking approx 150yds as i can feel myself falling over.

i’m considering getting a mobility scooter but i don’t know if i should soldier on without it in a bid to get my legs back?

i’m not confident walking and would use the scooter to go shopping, pub but also to go swimming to work on my legs, all thing’s i haven’t done for a while!

think it would give me a big part of my life back but is it taking the easy way out or just accepting who i am now?

anyone else who has faced theese decisions could you please give me some advice?



Hi Ben,

Before spending a lot of money on a scooter, have you actually asked for any help with your existing problems? Exercises and/or medication may help. Personally, I wouldn’t resort to a scooter without making sure I’d looked into the alternatives - including any therapy I could have that might improve function. Sounds like you need some kind of assessment to see what your issues are, and whether any of them are treatable. It’s a big outlay, without trying other things first. I think you need expert advice from physio or occupational health.


i think you should consider getting a scooter,it will make things much easier for you,it doesnt mean you are giving in, you are just making things easier,and you can still walk if and when you feel up to it,i got one after years of struggling,but now cant use it at all,because ive been stuck in bed,and havent been out of the house in 9 months ,i am hoping i will get better enough to get out again,but if i dont looks like i will be selling mine and ive only used it 5 times,i have a w/c and a scooter,but much prefer to use the scooter,i bet if you get one, it will be the best thing youve done, regarding your ms.

jaki xx

Hi Ben

I love my scooter it allows me to be independant and visit family, I wouldn’t be without it especially as I kept crashing the car, so this decision was easy. I also miss cycling more than driving as I love the feel of the wind in my hair. It’s brilliant in the summer as the movement keeps you cool.

I have just bought another smaller scooter for outings. I also own a rollator with a seat and numerous sticks including some crutches that I hang on the back of my scooter.

One of my friends in the local branch is dead set against having one as she drives and doesn’t have to walk too far and feels it would prevent her from walking but then her husband pushes her in a wheelchair when she goes out.

It’s up to you how much you use it, perhaps it would be a good idea to hire one. I belive the large shopping outlets have them for hire. Then you’ll have some understanding of it and whether it’s for you.

Love Wendy x

thankyou to all of you, your money worries are unfounded as the one i think i’ve picked is available on mobility benefits for £25 per week and the higher rate of mobility benefit is £54 p/w.

i think i will be getting one, just so i can go shopping or take the dog out, and the pub’s still where it alway’s was

just gotta wait and see what benefits i’m awarded!!??

thanks again


I think you should get the Buggy.When you get home after many adventures you will have more energy than if you’d struggled like you do now.You’ll have a better quality of life and the energy to work on your legs to keep them ticking over.Remember that you may be able to have days without the Buggy.

I’ve got two buggies.A class III that I’ve had for two years and done over 3,000 miles on the road,and a class I, that I can ride in and out of taxis,buses etc,and is for nipping the pub,a mile down the road.


Hi, I get where you are coming from!

Unfortunatley, my walking abitlity deteriorated very quickly and after starting with problems, I was using a scooter and wheelchair part time within a year.

At first i borrowed scooters from Shopmobility, just to see if i liked using them.

i did and i bought my own scooter not long after.

Then I tried a wheelchair. sometimes it was easier to transport a wheelie than the scooter.

what upset me was a neighbour saying he hoped me getting wheels so quickly would not make me lazy!!!

i replied saying that i hoped it meant i would have less pain and falls!

You go for it if it will keep you safe…that`s the most important reason for doing it.

Enjoy…have wheels will travel!

luv Pollx

well all i can say is i went for it today, i walked from the bus stop like i used to instead of getting another bus. that was all the proof i needed!!! i stopped for a rest half way but by the time i got home i was walking like someone extremley drunk, i couldn’t see properly and my eye’s are still dodgy now!!

if/when i’m awarded the mobility benefit it’s the 1st thing i’ll be doing!!

never been as bad as i was tonight when i got home!

any suggestions on a scooter? i want one of the larger road legal 8mph type?

Hi again. I understand that getting an 8mph scooter will give good performance. But have you thought about where you are going to store it? And if you want to go into shops on it, then you`ll probably find it too big.

My scooter is a good one. it is a Shoprider Sovereign, 4 wheels and a good sized basket.

Its clocked up many, many miles and has never let me down. I paid £1895 in 2000. Ive seen them at £695 on t`internet. A big, chunky scooter could cost around £3k, depending where you get it from.

luv Pollx

Hi Ben, I am also new to this forum. I have PPMS and like you cannot walk more than a few yards indoors, I never walk outdoors, I have a W/C and a scooter, at the moment I am awaiting a electric chair for indoors from the NHS as I keep falling. You need to get I touch with PHYSEO so they can assess you. And like me be entitled to help, I did not ask for an electric chair, they suggested I needed it. So find out first before spending. Eileen