Which scooter update......

Thank you for your advise, just to let you know yesterday I bought a TGA Breeze 4 in a pretty ice blue colour, it arrives in 2 weeks time.

It is second hand, but through a really nice company who have the contract to buy them from the motorbility scheme, so I know it will have been serviced & well maintained, plus I get a warrenty with it.

They did say that it had very little use & looking at the photo's I have to agree, they also said that it had to have new batteries (the longer range per charge ones) because it had been sitting unused for some time. they are also including a set of gel batteries.

I am doing my 'this is a tool' thing, in that I swallow my pride & remember that I will be able to do more without as much in short it's worth it.



Nice one H,and disposing of pride is a big step which will serve you very well.I'm thinking about the colour and 'praps a fetching excrement brown would have been more appropriate. Please please please donot exhaust yourself trying to keep it spotless.'cos it's virtually impossible.


Can I hand over to Robert now? Hello Bob,how are you? That buggy is going to change things for the better for both of you. You are going to have to make mudguards for the back wheels, otherwise Bouedica will end up rotten even when there has been little rain. After about 2,500 miles on the road I would be lost without the things I made.


You'll need some flexible rubber, but not as thick as a Disco flap.I got some 3mm rubber off t'internet  1'x4' wide for £8 BUT it is ribbed and has split nicely a few times. I used the 3" wide self adhesive velcro to hold the flap in place with one side on the buggy and the reverse on the rubber. Gaffer tape over the length to keep the velcro dry.The fun part is making the pattern for the rubber out of paper.


It'll need somewhere dry and warmish to live and it'll need charging evey time it is used. I've ended up attatching lots of vital bits to Big Bug and this evolution will happen to H's. Have you got a trailer to put it in ? Enjoy.


Laters,   S+S  xx

Would Range Rover flaps work, do you think Robert would notice if I 'borrowed them'!

Are suggesting I get mucky Mr dare you sir.........blush

Hey I'm not worried about charging it, we're having 16 solar panels fitted in a couple of weeks time & we'll find a space in the garage.



Glad you've found a scooter you like - hope you have many happy outings together

Hazel,solar panels ????? Have you checked your postcode recently?


Robert would notice,and if you don't end up covered in muck, either you're not going fast enough,or you're a fairweather rider


Wb  x

Great news on the scooter, Hazel.

I am sure you will enjoy it, good philosophy to think of it as just a tool to help get around, I can remember when I had my scooter at first, I was very self conscious, but then thought what the hell, I need it, its mine, I paid for it and nobody is really interested in looking at me anyway.

Good move to be having new batteries before you have it, had mine from new, now just three years old, but just had to have one of the batteries replaced, cost £160.00, so having a new set before delivery is not to be sneezed at.

Now remember what I said in my last post. No racing or rallying. But enjoy.


Take care.

Chris R.

I. El. (Eng). (Rtd).

PS. Your other post, (The holiday diary), very good.

Great choice Hazel! I really like the Breeze but didn’t have the funds when I bought my scooter.

It sounds as though you have found a good place to buy second hand – that’s half the battle because I’ve had my fingers burnt on Ebay.

Once you get over the initial embarrassment at using it you will fall in love.

I took the dog for a walk in the local park today. It runs right next to the river and there was a lovely breeze blowing off the water. (I still got sunburn on my feet though – forgot to put cream on them!) Without the scooter there is no way I could get the mile from my house to the park. I’d be lost without it.