Which scooter?

Dear Readers,

I would appreciate your thoughts in helping me come to a decision.

I’ve got to the stage where I really do need a scooter. All I want to do is nip into town for the odd “this or that”, as Dearest One gets all the essentials, like beer and chocolate, from Sainsbury’s. I’m not planning on entering the Ten Tors Challenge or sell refreshments from the summit of Mt. Snowdon, so a light runabout will do. My wife is thoroughly fed up with me asking her to pop down to the Co-op for an HB pencil or a small packet of walnuts.

I’ve already got a car on the Motability Scheme.

I’m inundated by the choice of makes and suppliers out there and I would appreciate any advice from current scooterists about how they got through this maze.

As a thank you, all contributions will be entered into a raffle and the winning ticket will receive a personal message of gratitude from Dearest One.

Best wishes,


Morning. Second hand boot scooter, look on eBay etc. They’re basically simple beasties mechanically I think, so give it a test ride and listen out for any squeaks, check everything works and try and get a good battery, don’t forget the charger. They come apart easily or you can keep together if you have somewhere to park it and a nearby socket. Mobility shops do sell second hand but never seem to have them in and tempt you to buy new, which is fine if that’s what you want x

I absolutely loved the scooter I had.

It was a Shoprider Soveriegn T…some numbers I cant remember.

I bought it back in 2000 when I got fed up of falling all over the place and coming home before I really wanted to, totally wrecked…not with booze btw, but sheer fatigue!

I used that scooter for 12 years and only had to give up once transferring manually had ceased. It never gave me a moment`s worry.

I kept it in a shed for a year and then gave it to a member here.

After a year of being unused, it started first time and off it went to a new home.

I paid £1,895 for it, but have seen them on line for £795 new lately.

I`d call it a medium sized scooter…not really a quickie for folding up or taking apart and transporting in a car boot.

Hope you find what you`re looking for and then you can pop down to the shops as often as you like for a small packet of walnuts!


Hi, how weird is that, I cam on looking for Lipoic acid tips and saw your post.

I too was looking for a scooter…PPMS disagnosed some 10 years ago and rapidly getting worse this year…Mobility and balance a serious issue.

I was looking for a portable scooter that I could drop in the boot of my car and thought the prode go go was the one…Went into a mobility shop and got my wife to pick it up, well the battery and she said it was way too heavy. Ended up with a Kymco K lite…£800.00 . Much lighter and the salesman said it was good.

Only been on it once, yesterday. and it seemed fine, went over grass with ease and up and down hilly pavements where I live…If I am honest it seems a tad precarious, but that might be my wieght (18.5 Stone) and driving !!

If I am honest I really see getting a scooter as a backward step…but needs must, especially if I want to go out with my wife and daughter…a friend said look at it as a possibility and NOT a disability thing

I saw this on ebay today.

"BE Careful as their is many fake models which are not the Genuine Drive Model, this is genuine models in brand new boxes ready to use "

Good to know that the fakers can’t spell or use grammar properly.


Hi, it certainly isn’t a backwards step…it’s a very sensible acceptance of something that isn’t going to improve, but it WILL improve your !I’ve!

There now!



Thanks Poll,

I’m not looking backwards. I’m not going that direction.

Anthony x


Forwards is the ONLY way, and when you fancy the “Ten Tors or Snowdonia challenge” I will happily witter on about my Tramper or my dreams of a Terrain Hopper.

Good luck with your search


Hi Ant

I’ve been looking at a Pride Quest, having seen a young lady on one at the airport. I spoke to her and admired it. She got off and her boyfriend showed me how it folds. Three moves and it collapsed down to small suitcase size.

Then, it was easily rolled along on its wheels just like wheeled cases! It could be what you’re looking for. :slight_smile:

I have one if these. Hubby lifts it in the boot. It’s a gem for sure.

Thank you Poppy,

I’ll have a look at that.



I love the look of those folding scooters but the price could be an issue for me. I can’t afford £1,500+ at the moment unless I use Motability, which I’m not sure that I want to do.

I have a scooter in the shed that hasn’t been used for some time (the scooter, not the shed). I bought it years ago when a bad relapse put me in a wheelchair for a while. I’m thinking about asking hubby to get it out, clean it up and check whether the battery is still usable. I’m not wheelchair-bound, but my mobility is greatly reduced. Even a trip to the doctor, dentist or local shops (less than half a mile each way) is tiring.

It’s interesting how personal attitudes to aids can change over time. When I had my first relapse and needed a walking stick I bought a hiking pole because I didn’t want to look like an old woman with a stick. When I needed a wheelchair I bought one I could self-propel, despite not really having the strength for it. Now a walking stick is just another accessory and I have a small collection of them. I’ll use a wheelchair if hubby pushes, but I’d much rather use a mobility scooter. It’s just another way of keeping some independence and keeping mobile.

Hi C-D,

Exactly my train of thought. I used to take it for granted that whenever I wanted something I could simply stand up, walk out of the front door and go and get it.

Now I really have to need something to warrant the energy required to;

  • ask Gill if we can go there
  • put the wheelchair in the car boot
  • drive 2.5 miles (I remember when I could walk twice that far on a Sunday stroll)
  • get the chair out of the boot
  • go round the store
  • put the chair back in the boot
  • go home
  • unpack the bloddy chair
  • collapse onto the sofa too knackered to put the kettle on.
  • The shop didn’t have what I needed as they were out of stock until next Wednesday
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Try a Quickie Salsa M2 Mini​ or OttoBock B400 powerchair/scooter

At the moment I’ve got a Quickie Salsa M2 Mini Powerchair on order via NHS Wheelchair Services. So this will do me for now at home, but I’m thinking of getting an Ottobock for going around our muddy country lanes.

Powerchairs are easier for going around shops because they turn on a sixpence. Plus they get you there without putting a strain on your arm muscles holding on to the handle bars. You can also use telescopic ramps to get them into the back of a car.

I notice there is an Unused OttoBock B400 Powerchair Power Wheelchair 18" Wide Seat Elevating Legs on ebay.

only £600 plus £40 post. I think they are good value.


Thanks Fay,

I’ll take a look at that.


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I would definitely recommend all scooters made by Vespa. They are so classy!

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Thanks mate,

I had one of those but someone nicked the stabilisers. Now it keeps falling over.

(Actually, I fall over. The Vespa just follows on.)


Yes yes yes AD, what the hell is worth all that sometimes. Totally agree, and then sometimes I do and feel better for it…bloody condition. A scooter makes it easier, but unfortunately you still have to go through the rigmorole xx

As an ex-rider of “proper” motorcycles, I beg to differ…

Only an opinion, each to their own.


Anthony, I have a Tramper. They’re expensive; £6000.00 but mine rocks.

Colin down the road has a Shoprider and he’s always out on it.

Happy hunting.

Bless your wife.