Which scooter?

Hi Steve,

Your Tramper looks fabulous. More like a tractor!

I’d love one but I haven’t got the room because I live in a flat.

I’ll look at the Shoprider though.

I’ll certainly have a word with Gill at some point during the day. She’s so lucky to have me.




There’s a guy here who know all about powerchairs.


Thanks Fay,

I’m not quite in the powerchair market yet.



Hi gang,

I finally got around to buying a second hand Strider SD3 from a local shop (for local people).

I’d like to thank everyone who chipped in with their thoughts and advice.

Thanks guys.


Looks like a useful bit of kit, have fun


As an ex-mod [Brighton area] of 1963 - LAMBRETTA !!!

Now – lt is a fabulous Tramper… Goes through all the mud and bullets [and sheep sh!t]

When you say a local shop (for local people), does this mean that if I pop in there for a new old scooter I’d be told, ‘no, sorry we can’t sell you anything because you’re not local enough’?

And does local mean just the streets around about the shop? Or the town, or borough or region? Do they accept Pounds sterling or some local currency? Or is it one of those hippyish places where only swapping goods is allowed? Or where there’s a local currency? Like the Surrey dollar say?

Are you not just a Brexiteer but a seceder from the UK?

So maybe Cheam (or wherever you’re actually from) is going to put a wall or electrified fence around its borders? At least then you’d probably be safe from ruffians trying to knock you off your scooter and run off with your manbag full of Surrey dollars.


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What the bloddy hell are you on about?



PS I’m not from Cheam, nobody is. I was born in Legwee in Co. Caven and raised in Fartrim.

Well that explains a lot.



sounds like someone has been on a cheese binge frenzy…



Life in the Surrey Hills is wonderful!

A great place to ride a scooter.


I’m so happy. After years of declining mobility and increasing disability I finally got the old me back.

Yesterday I went into town, when I wanted to, to buy what I wanted and get back entirely under my own steam (scooter). No escort, no help, unassisted in any way except my own will.

Today I feel twenty years younger (not that I’m going to test that). Can it be that simple?



A brilliant result and a great feeling. A bit of independence is priceless


Well done Anthony. Good to read. :slight_smile:

It’s about time to change your socks then. If you’re now young and rejuvenated, then maybe go back to the dayglo option? Or something else a bit more funky? Or is there an age limit for trendy socks? Perhaps the gladiator sandals might be a tad more youthful? Or some other modern outfit?

So glad you enjoyed your solo excursion.

Sue x

Chocks Away Anthony!!