Motability and scooters?

Morning, quick question. Does anyone have a scooter through Motability?, how is it?, which one and how much?, i’m ‘looking for’ a small one to be stored outside with a removable battery for charging inside. What is better a scooter or electric w’chair?Any information wwould be good.


I picked up a GoGo scooter off the well known internet site where you can buy most things, lol. (don’t want my thread removed). It cost £240, and has been worth its weight in gold. I have good core strength so I prefer the scooter. Mine has a removable battry that can be charged inside, though the scooter is so compact I keep it in the hall. Taxi drivers put it in free wheel mode and get get it straight in a black cab if I’m on my own. I have been really surprised how good they are about it.

However, I went for the cheap option as not diagnosed and hope that I will recover.

If I were choosing one long term, I have learnt a lot …for example I have long legs and an extended period on my scooter becomes very uncomfortable as leg room a little limiting. Also I get aching arms if I race about on it too much :slight_smile: And surprisingly even my core feels week if I’m on it for more than a couple of hours…so probably well worth getting a more expensive/comfy version.

However, it gets me out on my own and I can get to doctors etc even if tired. It saves all my energy if out with my family I find walking is like turning on a tap and watching your energy go down the drain.

Sorry I can’t help you with the motability option, but you said any info would be good and I do want to encourage you to get mobile…it’s saved my sanity.

Gillian xx

There are different scooters for different needs.Small ones that fold down and can be put in the back of a car/taxi - and then bigger ones that can take you out and about in comfort - cope with going up and down pavements and going over grass etc.

The bigger ones have comfy car like seats with arms and neck supports - lights/hazards/indicators etc and can carry lots of heavy shopping without toppling over.

So it all depends on what you hope to achieve from your scooter. l have one of each - the small one get rarely used as our local towns all have shopmobility. l have used scooters for over 20yrs. And have bought some really good ones secondhand-and they have lasted me years. l did treat myself to a new Tramper last year as they are so well built[British] - and l was offered a good trade in price for the old one [11] which l had bought secondhand. The old Tramper still had the original battery.

With a lightweight scooter - if you did get stuck anywhere - they are very easy to lift out of trouble.


I have both a scooter and an electric w/chair. I use the scooter to walk the dog. It is more stable and comfortable for longer rides, My w/chair can go on buses, trains and in accessible taxis. I prefer it when I’m shopping because it’s more maneuverable than a scooter.
Don’t know what the motability info is but I’m sure you can find prices on their website.