Mob Scoot!

Hi All.

Can I ask if anyone on the forum has got or use a Mobility Scooter?
If you have is it through Motability or did you buy it? If you bought it which make / model is it.

I am tempted to go down the Motability route for the piece of mind but then when I compare the relative prices
I think to myself “what can go so wrong that I can’t fix it”? I’m a retired Engineer (sorry) and a bit tight!

I’m so looking forward to the relative freedom it will give me back!
My local pub is beconning!

All advice / experieces will be most welcome.


Hello Steve and welcome, I bought my own mobility scooter from a mobility shop, it is a small one and called Micro4U. It has served me well but only able to use 5 miles, I.e. two and half there and two and half back. I would highly recommend you buy your own, especially if you can do any repairs yourself. Only don’t do what I did and lose the keys!! Found them now though. Janet x

You can get them very cheaply on Ebay - safer if you think you can fix faults yourself.

I bought mine on ebay, think I paid about £160 second hand, its one that folds up and fits in the car boot. Havent used it for a while though. I pimped it up a bit with stickers etc.

it all depends on what you want one for,you are best doing your own research online,i have a luggie and i love it,very expensive but it fits in a small car easily,and i only want mine for days out and shopping,so it suits my needs,there are more robust ones that you can go on the road with too.

you could also go to a local mobility store that as a selction you could look at and try,you dont have to buy from there.also there are lots on ebay,good second hand ones.

it will give you much more freedom and independance back too,you could nip down to the pub when you like.

but if you are using it to go to the pub… dont drink and drive, the law is something different but you can still be prosecuted…!!!

I got a Mercury Prism which is portable I.e. goes in the car boot, but it’s not a quick and easy task. Now I’ve a bit more experience I think I would have been better with a Gogo, which is a bit lighter and more easily taken apart and reassembled. On holiday I hire a bigger scooter mid range but not portable, to give me more scope to get around, but not the big road going one. I actually prefer this to my own. So, really it depends how far you want to go. Do get four wheels rather than three, as an engineer you will know it will be more stable. Motability seems quite a lot of money to be taken from DLA. There is actually very little that can go wrong with these scooters, in eight years all I have had to do is get a replacement battery at a cost of around £20. Happy scootering!

Hi Steve. I have a Roma Vega with the larger battery pack. The brochure says 12 miles range but I wouldn’t like to test that. It breaks down into five pieces so is light to put into the car and reassemble. I love it because a trip to town or just a ‘walk’ with my other half is a pleasure again. Got mine brand new off the Internet after test driving various models. Paid about £550 for it although list price was about £850 so it is worth shopping around.

Hi Steve, I bought my scooter secondhand at mobility shop. Very good £300 spent. It folds down to go in car and supposed to do 5 miles. I went round Kew gardens in it. Really good and keeps up (if not ahead) with the others. Very manoeuvrable even in shops. Freedom again. Go for it!! Jackie x

Hello Steve

I was reading my Pathways magazine that came through the post yesterday. There is an article in there about a woman who has a TGA Supersport mobility scooter. It does 30 miles on one battery charge, she uses it to go to festivals such as Glastonbury, so it must be pretty stable and good on rugged ground.

She does say in the article, handles cross country terrain, and even goes up hills. It’s a real bad-ass bike…her words!!

Cost her 2,000 second hand.