First shop on mob scoot!

Hi guys,
Hope you are all as well as you can be.

Just had to share my experiance of shopping in Sainsburys this morning on my new Mobility Scooter.

It was Fantastic!
I actally found my self browsing the isles as I sat sereenly cruising around!
People are so considerate and I maneged to not run anyone over or cause any damage!

I’m really getting to like my mob scoot and the self-conciousness is fading.
Dark glasses help greatly to hide behind.
Been more places in the last 3 weeks since I got it than I have in the last 3 years!

Just had to share!

Take care all!


Good for you Steve, I don’t think people realise how self conscious it makes someone to use a walking aid or wheelchair/scooter. Jan

Well done Steve, enjoy your freedom and independence.

Pam x

I know just how you feel steve,i love my scooter and just for fun i have teddys (all bees) on the basket its amazing just how many people stop to talk to me whilst im out, i know it takes longer but at least it adds to the fun.

Enjoy your freedom steve. Barbara.xx

Hi Steve, well done they are soooooooooo good arent they?

i had a w/c but avoided going out in it,it made me feel really bad,about myself…so i decided to get a scooter, so pleased i did, i feel much better using a scooter,i felt a bit silly at first,but soon got used to it, i can whizz about all over now…lol

need to get myself to benidorm now lol…my daughter said i look like madge,on mine,cos of my blonde hair…

J x

That’s great news I’m thinking of getting one too which one is best to get? Anything to get me out of house x

you are best doing some research on internet,and even going to a shop that does them so try them out,i had a ‘pride go go traveller,’ but then got a Luggie, expensive but worth it,as it folds down really small…

get your motor running

head out on he highway

looking for adventure

whatever comes our way!!!

enjoy your scooter but dont keep it just for sainsbury’s!

carole xx

I still very self concious even though I’ve had my scooter for over 7 years. I now need to use it every time we go out, as even using my 2 crutches I can only get a short distance before my legs give way.

But on the plus side I can now look round a large supermarket with ease.

I do hate when people stare as if I’d grown a extra head or something…

Sorry for the double post !!!

BTW my scooter is a SterlingLittle Gem 4 … best for car or other transport, even aeroplanes :slight_smile: holidays.

stare back at them, i just ignore them,

i have a sticker on the back of mine, that says ‘up yer kilt’ with 2 tarten fingers,it makes me giggle…

J x

Hi Steve, Good on you, enjoy your freedom. Mrs J love it!! Made me giggle too. Mags xx

I love them, you can whizz about all over. A man where I live has one pimped like a Harley. Love it