Mobility Scooter at last

At last I have my new mobility scooter ! :smiley: It was delivered yesterday afternoon and is GREAT :!: It is blue (very important for a Man City fan) lol, (The delivery driver was also a Man City fan, which was a nice surprise). It is very small and compact and easily gets past the trees on the pavements that were, nigh on impossible, to pass with a manual wheelchair without help Have already been out on it and am going out again today ! It has large 10" wheels which make it easy to get over “difficult” areas, has a twenty mile range and a four miles an hour speed (but actually seems faster). It also has a head light and rear light. Am sending a big “thank you” to my former employer for providing the funding for me. I’m sooooooo pleased with it. Freedom is mine :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: Seb x[/a][/a]

congratulations seb thank god for a little bit of freedom just on time to enjoy this mini heatwave lol :lol: :lol: :lol: enjoy tina x. :slight_smile:

Thanks Tina ! I’m really gonna enjoy it while the weather holds. Seb

:smiley: enjoy - enjoy - enjoy. so pleased for you. are the tyres solid, if not then they can be injected with some sort of foam stuff - punctures can be a pain.

Yours sounds like mine Is it a Shoprider Valencia? I very rarely use mine only once in the last year…perhaps I ought to try and go out on it again Have fun jax

Wowee…yippee…smashing, super, great! I`ve had my trustee scooter for 11 years and love it. You go steady, but have fun, eh? luv POllx

Welcome to the mob-scooter club!!! Love mine :smiley: Happy scootering… Pat x

congrats so chuffed for you Tracy x