Hi all, Take delivery of my new 12mph motascooter on Monday. Can’t wait, overnight charge.and I’m off! Freedom & independence!! :wink: Ben

Good for you Ben!!!

Honestly my mob scooter changed my life! Best thing I ever bought.

12 mph… wow that is fast. Mine’s 8 mph (I think…lol… can’t even remember!)

Pat x

Hi pat, Yeah can’t wait, been planning trips all day! 6 miles to my dads and i’ll be able to go shopping for the first time in months, never looked forward to it sooo much!! And yeah yeah they are normally ltd to 8mph but the guy said they can tweak it!! :slight_smile: Cheers Ben x

Sounds great Ben! Im looking for one, would you mind telling us what you bought and why? My heads in a spin as to which model to buy!! Thanks, Steve

Steve, check this site out… it has good reviews:

Basically, think what you need it for mostly. I live in London so I need one for shopping in area with good dropped kerbs. I got a Paris ShopRider. Small and easy to handle but also robust.

If you live in countryside you would want something bigger and more rugged. Also think about the dropped kerbs in your area. Do you need something that can go up and down kerbs? The Quingo can do kerbs.

The very big ones have headlights and indicators and need to be taxed as can be used on small roads.

Think about where you will keep it… you need to be near socket or where you could safely run extension to.

If you like a model, google the name. You will probably find forums etc with pros and cons.

Good luck Steve… and good scootering!

Pat x (and don’t forget to insure it… lots of schemes online)

Hi Steve, I think the one I’ve chosen is called a galaxy something. I for the speed and range (12 mph & 40miles) Cheers, good luck Ben

Oh and Steve I got mine from the mobility partnership so road and insurance all sorted by them and I’m even getting a free shed from them to keep it in :slight_smile: £25 p/w for freedom, gotta be worth it Ben

Hi, had my Shoprider Sovereign for 13 years. But it has been languishing in the garden shed for a year, as i now prefer my leccy wheelchair.

But if you want to ride over rough terrain, a scooter would be more sensible.

Although not a huge scooter, mine is big enough to take into shops. I have ridden it on tow paths and bumpy camping fields.

Good luck with whatever you get.

No speeding now!

luv Pollx

Hi all, I can officially reveal that I feel like a kid at Xmas! Delivered tomorrow then overnight charge then I’m going out to get my old life back! Do all the running about chores that my wife been doing so it won’t be just me that benefits but that can wait till wed’s cos Tuesday is a 6 mile cruise to my dads and then down the pub for 1 to see all my old mates! :))

Hello Ben

I’m just waiting for delivery of a Tramper I can’t wait either. I’ve been living in my current town for 15 years and don’t know any of the green spaces. We’re also on the door step of the Ashdown Forest. This has got to be a significant contribution to life enhancement.

Best wishes, Steve

Thank you all so much.

We,ve spoken before Pat I think? You’re in Muswell Hill aren’t you? I’m in Chigwell but trying to sell and downsize to a bungalow. Found an ideal one in Rayleigh, Essex but own house not moving :frowning: Whilst looking for somewhere dropped kerbs were a consideration as I know whats coming. Thanks again guys. Steve

Hi, just a mention re dropped kerbs

  1. My wheelie has a kerb climber (not same for scooters)

  2. I rang council`s disability officer about an area I use, with no dropped kerbs. She got them sorted within a short timespace.

luv Pollx

Hi Steve, not is posh Muswell Hill. In good ole Wood Green.

Wonder why house is not moving? Do you watch ‘Phil Spenser Secret Agent’? Good tips on getting a house to sell. Good luck with it anyway.

And I think Poll has good point. Local councils can respond well if you complain about lack of dropped kerbs.

I must do this myself. Near me there is a street with dropped kerb on one side and not one on opposite side. What’s that about?!?

Pat x

Hi pat, We lived in Bruce grove for a year last year, what a lovely area tottenham, wood green & turnpike lane isn’t. Not used to being the only Englishman on the bus! Lol Live in tranquil borehamwood now, no more sirens through the night! Have a good week, I predict i’ll be out for most of if the weather holds! :slight_smile: Ben

Hello all,

Wood Green, Turnpike Lane and Muswell Hill. I had a very happy year and a

half living at the bottom of Colney Hatch Lane. I spent a lot of time and money in The Toll Gate in Wood Green. I the moved to Palmers Green for another year. Happy days before the dreaded beast took hold.

Have a good week.

My brother in law had a flower stall for a short while outside WG station!

I love it here. Big and busy shopping centre open 7 days a week. Very accessable for scooter. Loads of good cheap places to eat (I love the Turkish cafes). Vibrant. Diverse. Unpretentious. Friendly.

Ally Pally is just up the road with it’s beautiful parklands & amazing views of London.

According to Mary Portas it’s one of the most successful high streets in UK.

I got a job here in 2001. Ended up buying here in 2004. Now in sheltered just a few minutes from high street

Different strokes for different folks as they say…

Pat x

I love my life in Margate but the best thing I got was my scooter it is a shoprider a monaco I think its called it is big enouggh to cope but the wife can get it into the car I have had it bout 12 years and replaced the batteries twice in tht time they were forty quid off ebay and easy to fit My wife is a gem she even changed a radiator on the car years ago when I had a broken leg. nEEDS MUST AND ALL THATT. grrrrr caps lock typo. XX Don

Hi all, Got it fully charged :). Been out on it a good few times, fkn excellent!! They supplied a shed for me to keep it in as there’s no access to our flat, brilliant, sorted… but no! My neighbour can see it from her bedroom window (nxt to mine) and she approached me hoping not to call the council to get them to remove it! The view if it wasn’t there is a few trees & a wall with a car park behind it, lovely! It’s 6ft x 4ft, don’t think they come any smaller! It’s nearer our window too and it don’t spoil ‘the view’ Tried explaining that I need it, her answer… ‘not my problem’ Housing officer coming to see me tomorrow anyway so we’ll see what he say’s :frowning: Ben

Hi Ben, as you need it for your mobility I don’t think she’s got a leg to stand on (excuse awful pun!).

Try not to get into row with her (I used to work in housing so know a bit about this sort of thing). Stay polite but firm. Housing officer should be a help.

Neighbour’s attitude is terrible!

Anyway, forget that for the moment, most important thing is you love your new scooter!!! Aren’t they like the best thing that was ever invented???!!!

Pat x