First ever mob-scooter breakdown!

Went to MSS local meeting at Alexandra Palace this morning and on way back scooter kept stopping. Was awful. Kept turning the key and nothing happened. Then suddenly it would start and I’d go a bit further and it would stop again. Was on full battery charge so it wasn’t that. Anyway people were so helpful but I felt so HELPLESS!

For the last bit of the journey a couple pushed it while I hobbled behind. I do have insurance where they come and pick you up but in the end I was so close to home it hardly seemed worth it… AND the thought of waiting for them when it is SO cold out.

Oh dear just had to rant about it. In 2 years I’ve never once had a problem with it and I had it serviced a few weeks ago!

Thanks for listening,

Tired and I know I shouldn’t be but I felt humilated out there with my broken scooter and not being able to do anything to help myself!

Pat x

I know what it’s like when a car misbehaves, but you are so much more exposed on a scooter! Glad you got home safely and I hope it’s sorted soon,

Luisa x

Hi Luisa,

Oh poor you - it is my greatest fear to break down on my scooter.

Don’t know what I’d do.


How horrible!

What on earth did that mechanic do to it???

We need an AA for scooters really…

Karen x

Hi Pat

Oh poor you, good job you were near to your home though.

Hope it is something that can be sorted out quickly for you.


Hi Pat, I really sympathise with you cos it happened to me a few weeks ago in Muswell Hill. You feel so vulnerable and helpless.

What a horrid end to a lovely morning. Thank goodness you had your thermals and cosy hat on but I bet you were still freezing.

You may feel dreadful tomorrow - it’s a reaction to the stress of the situation.

So make yourself lots of hot tea (so comforting) and I hope you still have some treats left over from Xmas!

Susi xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Glad you got back!

I broke down, thankfully in the summer, just on the road where I live! I have ppms so could not walk home, out came the car tow truck and my nephew with a wheelchair!

Motability’s breakdown service is good but still had to wait over half an hour which is fine in the summer!

I consider the “AA”, should cover mobility scooters, I have had “AA” cover for many years, covers both my wife and myself, when using any car, owned by us or not.

Mobility scooters are, DVLA registered, and have a registration number, are covered my all traffic regulations, so are classed as a road going vehicle, I have made enquiries to the “AA” regarding this, but they will not cover my scooter.

I may try again, asking, that if I am driving an electric powered car, am I covered, if the answer yes, the question then has to be, what is the difference, as both are electric powered road going vehicles.

Take care.

Chris R.

I. El. (Eng). (Rtd).

Just a thought …

Has anyone asked Green Flag or the RAC if they will cover “road-legal” scooters?