My broken-down scooter update

Hi gang, some of you know that I broke down on Sunday. Anyway the scooter company came this morning, dismanted whole thing and found a problem with one of the three connectors. They spent 40 minutes working on and everything seemed fine. £35 call-out fee.

I went out and felt great. Sun shining. Freezing but was wrapped up. Was so good to be out! TA DA LIFE IS GOOD…

Suddenly scooter stopped dead. OH NO IT HAPPENED AGAIN!!! Cut a long story short, I eventually got home. Was not as bad as Sunday. I kept my cool and drove very slowly, avoiding any bumps and praying as I crossed roads that I wouldn’t stop dead in the road.

Phoned scooter company and they said they’d call me back. 2 hours later they called and they are going to replace the whole front of scooter (which is actually MOST of the scooter and includes the connectors)! All free of charge and I don’t have to put in an insurance claim.

Can’t quite believe it! They’re coming Thursday morning so I’m grounded for another week… but hey it’s freezing anyway so if it had to happen at least it’s happened at best time of year.

Thank you Comfort Plus!!!

Pat x

Oh no Pat, I can’t believe it. You must be really frustrated. Glad it wasn’t as bad as Sunday and that you got home in one piece. It’s a familiar story (anything to do with something one relies on). Hope it gets sorted on Thursday. Yes stay in and keep warm until then, I think a lot of us will get snow over the weekend. Keep safe and well, Teresa xx

Hi Teresa, Yes snow on Saturday night I think… although cold it is lovely out today, sunny and crisp.

Have a lovely weekend,

Pat xx

Thanks Pat. I’m not keen on the snow- too dangerous with my dodgy legs but my boys are hoping we have enough to keep them off school and college. Merely wishful thinking methinks! Take care, Teresa xx

Dear Pat,

While you are ‘at home’ for a few days - have a look at a website - - its about a charity - in the south west - that hire out Trampers -so you can explore the Coast Path at the National Trusts Penrose Estate. Also they hire out accessible ‘Wheelyboats’. So you can sit and dream [whilst it is snowing outside] of visiting Cornwall/Devon/Dorset/Gloucestershire/Somerset.

l discovered this morning that ‘him indoors’ whilst defrosting the deep-freeze - yesterday - left bags of ice-cubes on the seat of my Tramper. So l shall not be going out until its dry. l am going to suggest to Tramper that they fit heated gloves on the handlebars and possibly the seat. lt could be run off the battery - AND why don’t they have a solar-powered grid - so that as you go along the battery is re-charging. They obviously need a woman on the board!!!

Have you plenty of chocolate supplies.


Hi Pat, sorry I mustve missed your post when you broke down.....yeh, the scooter...........not you! How scary for you, crossing roads and praying the scooter didnt stop dead!

Glad youre getting it sorted...FOC.but you havent had it that long, have you?

Great time to have to stay in indeed!

luv Pollx