Had a bad day

Hi, all it was a nice day and i thought i would go into Leeds city centre, using my small scooter that i can use on the bus.

i got into town without any problem getting off at the market i crossed the road and into a pedestrian area, THEN bam my scooter stopped dead nothing i did would get it to go again, a couple lifted it over to the side so i wasn’t in the way of everyone.

Inside i was panicking and people were just walking past me then a young man asked if i was ok, i told him what had happened he offered to go and get me a hot drink,but i didn’t have any money as i hadn’t yet reached a cash point.

I was phoning my family to see if someone could come and get me 1 daughter had 3 kids today (shes a child minder) the other was on a course and was in Otley,

Eventually i got my son in law who drives a disabled mini bus with a tail lift who said he could come and get me, i was so relieved i cried, and then the young man came back and said he would get me a hot drink, i was so grateful i can tell you, i don’t know who he was but i thank him very much.

So that was my journey into town today, ruined an me in tears and now i have to find the money to get the scooter repaired.

I really hope you all are having a better day than me .


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Oh Barbara

What a terrible experience for you. Thankfully you were able to get you and scooter home. What a sweet young man to help you out like that.

Doesn’t it give you faith in the ultimate goodness of the majority of people.

It’s a problem now I know, you have to get it fixed. But phew.


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sorry to hear about your bad day Barbara,it must have been awful,thank goodness for the lovley young man and your son in law who camt to the rescue.

J x

Hi Barbara

Heck that’s quite a day you’ve had but I’m glad you’re safely home!

Hopefully the repair for your scooter won’t cost too much.

I used to live in Leeds and remember it fondly as both my boys were born there, After Leeds we moved to Pontefract but only for 6 months before relocating to Milton Keynes!

This was well before I was diagnosed with MS.

i remember being really happy living there - the people were always so lovely!

Hope you’re feeling ok now?

Sue xx

Oh Babs! What a rotten shame your day out was ruined. Yes, that helpful young man was a blessing. Hope it hasnt knocked your confidence for going out again.

Is your scooter under guarantee? I have a breakdown policy on my wheelchair.

Its a bugger right fair lass!

luv Pollx

No polly my scooter is not under guarantee unfortunatley but thats the way the cookie crumbles but never mind nothing puts me off, i just need to find how much its going to cost to repair now.

Thankfully there are still some people in this world willing to help a damsel in distress Ha, ha, but yes it did help a lot knowing someone was willing to help when i needed it most.

Ime going to scotland to see my mum at the end of May so hopefuly it will be sorted by then.


Yup, sue it was quite a day, i feel these things are sent to try us and yesterday was a trying day,having lived in leeds you will know the city centre well and know how its very busy with lots of people around.

Out of all those 2 persons helped me and very grateful i was too.

Isnt Milton Keynes a very flat city ideal for wheelies and scooters unlike Leeds its so hilly, and takes the battery life quite quickly in some areas.

I hope too that the repair wont cost too much and i,m back hitting the shops before too long .


Thanks Mrs J , it was bad at the time i was cursing the scooter its just my luck, but at least two knights came to the rescue of a damsel in distress, now i have to find out how much its going to cost to repair i hope its nothing to serious,


Hi sue, Thankfully its school holidays and my S-I-L could come and get me he is allowed to use the work mini bus in an emergency, which this was.

Where i broke down was no where near any taxi ranks and i hadn,t yet got to a cash point so i had no money on me either.

It was really nice that the young man helped me it did make me feel better,and warmed me up as i was in the shade there was still a nip in the air.

well i now have to find out what went wrong with the scooter and see how much its going to cost me .

Barbara xx

You’d do better catching a train to Scotland, I doubt the scooter will make it!!!

Sorry for my silly humour!!!

Glad to hear you’re not put off galavanting!

Us Yorkshire lasses have to show the world we ain’t beaten yet, eh?


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i wander how long it would take to get to scotland on a scooter longer than it took riding on a horses in the distant past,at least a horse would go further on 1 feed than a scooter on full charge.

Probably wouldnt get as far as wakefeild on day 1 oh what fun that would be just imagine how relieved you would be to get to your destination lol xx


To be honest not a lot can go wrong with them, its usually battery related when they just stop like that. Do you keep it on a charge? Have you tried to charge it since you got home?

I did a stupid thing over my park, with the dog two weeks ago. She walks beside me, and tends to go in and out of either side. Suddenly mine just STOPPED dead, i thought oh no, i havent got my mobile with me. I was just sat there like you thinking dont panic.

I can switch mine from drive to walk so turned around to push the leaver onto walk, and it was on WALK lol, the dogs lead had knocked the switch over, phew what a relief.