ahh, bless my little scooter

Hi, just had a huge surprise…a nice one!

Yesterday I went to a hilly park with family. I was in my wheelie. Well when it came to negotiating some of the terrain, I was actually really scared of falling out.

In 2000 I bought a shoprider scooter and used it well for many many years.

Last year it was put into a shed and almost forgotten. hubby just thought hed give it a once over and we were so surpirsed to see it worked straight away............not even a flat battery......and to think the shed was covered in very deep snow not long since. I had imagined the snow wouldve melted into the shed and scooter.

So he will be spruced up and used again niw when I go to places better suited to a scooter.

luv Pollx

That’s great Poll. Mine’s a shoprider too and they are rugged little machines.

Pat x

Hi Poll,so Boudica has a new ‘War Chariot’…A good choice back in the day. The first scooter I bought for £200 six years ago was an ancient three wheel Shoprider.I modified it, spent money on tyres,batteries and repairs to the Black Box which wasn’t Shoprider.I had loads of fun on it all over the country,but when I started falling off it 14 months ago and wasn’t mucking about, it got butchered for parts when I bought a £500 flimsy Pixie pink thing with four solid hateful wheels,the rears being swapped for pneumatics from the deceased three wheeler. It has some silly little design faults,but for 500 quid…

Two and a half years ago I bought a ‘Brand New Second hand’ Shoprider Cadiz for £800 and up until this February had done over 3,000 miles all on the road.Rear tyres,one pair of batteries, an overhaul on the trans-axle and a few electronic Gremlins,probably caused by me splashing in mud.It always got me home no matter the weather.Oh,it does 10MPH,the crime would be getting caught so I stuck to 8MPH,in the way that all car drivers never exceed 70MPH

As my left arm and hand are now ***te I can’t use the Cadiz,so bought a ‘Brand New Second hand’ Malaga Shoprider power chair for £1300.Now it’s got pneumatic tyres fitted I’m probably doing 30-35 miles a week and it never ceases to impress,epecially in my titchy flat.On 6th June I’m having a test drive/play on a £7,500 power chair through Motability and will be going back on the road.Shame it’s not a Shoprider,but it’s my trust in the Malaga and Cadiz which is getting me out into the traffic again.

Sorry for hijacking your post Poll, but Shoprider stuff really is the Bees B****ks and I think the three of us here are proof it’s excellent kit and I’d recommend it to anybody

Wagons Roll,

Wb xx

Hiya Poll, the shoprider is a great scooter, the places I went with mine, stood the wife’s hair on end, only complaint I had it wasn’t much good at the water skiing, it wasn’t fast enough nor did it float, but the light did work under water, Brian

Hello Poll, I’ve just discovered the delights of a scooter of my own. Now we can all go out as a family and not be constantly in and out of the car! Use yours as much as you can! Happy scootering, Steve.

`3 wheels on my wagon,

but im still rollin along` etc

Remember that one?

Good to hear how being one armed/handed doesn`t stop you going out and about.

I reckon they`ll have to shoot some of us lot in the end…no, not the rear end…you know what I mean!

have wheels will travel.

You know, lots of folk who are at the crossroards of shall I go for wheels or struggle on?,

dont know the fun they are missing, eh?

luv Pollx

You got it right, Steve, happy wheeling pal!


I very nearly up-ended mine one time. Tried to climb a very steep bank by a river…didnt get as far as trying the light under water! But the motor cut out and I had to wait for it to cool down and then off we went again.

luv Pollx

Hi Poll,(en count),you are dead right about shooting some of us to stop us.I’d like to try doing myself from 1000m with the right rifle, but that plan is flawed.It saddens me greatly when peeps can’t make the right decision to get whatever gear is required to keep moving,but I think vanity issues are alive and well.

Also spot on about having some silly fun,and I’m fortunate that I’ve used lots of different plant and machinery over the years and to me mobility gear is just a necessary adjunct to this ‘job’.And you totally get it,“If you’re not getting to almost falling over and beyond,you ain’t doing it right.”


Wb xx

ps The only way of tipping a power chair is sideways and that would be damaging to both parties,so I’ll be sticking to happy memories of ‘Scooter Spills’

pps I will be Gogling Three wheels on my wagon