Woo hoo here i go !!!!

Off out on my shiney new scooter this afternoon, bit nervous,but i am sure i will wonder why,when i get back,cant wait.


jaki  xx

Good luck - have a great time 


Have a good time. Sure it will go well. Happy scootering.


How did it go Cheryl?

luv Pollx

Hi Poll, did you mean how did it go Jaki ?

If so, just got back and i loved it,went all round the lovely golden acre park not far from us,i kept laughing, and andy told me off for laughing so much, he said i sounded like a mad woman, but ya know what i dont care,like everyone has said i would, 'i wish i had got one sooner,i felt liberated,really i did.

jaki xx

Hi Jaki,

That's great news along with your new found freedom, I'm really pleased for you. Hope you have many, many more happy laughter times.

Janet x

Hi Jaki, I'm so pleased for you!!!

Pat x happy2

Hi Jaki,

Hope you had L plates on and practised emergency stops! 

Lovely you can get out and about now that Spring is here. 

Jen xx

Wonderful! May your scooter run and run - and do make sure you hang on to that wonderful feeling of liberation

Lolli xx

Just had a picture of fitting bull bars and always being at the front of the queue for ice cream.  Well done Jaki