Hi everyone, hope you're all ok, well I got my first scooter at the weekend, and I'm so excited, I've bought it so I can go out for longer on my own, be more independent when I go out with my husband, friends and family, I got a go go elite traveller, it's lovely, I really can't believe I feel like this, because when I was first DX, 5yrs ago, I said I never wanted to end up in a wheelchair, well that happened, and now a scooter, I must say I feel a little nervous as well, but at last freedom again, sorry to go on, but hey, you all take care, Jean x

Congratulations Jean, I got my one a few weeks ago so that I can walk the dog, it's really made a huge difference.  One thing to be aware of though, which I learned not too long ago - mobility scooters are not designed to go on two wheels, and even with a top speed of only 8mph, it really is best to slow down for corners!  Have fun

Luisa xx

Hi Jean, well done you! I got mine 2 years ago. Was terrified at first and thought "oh god I've wasted my money. I will never get used to it". How wrong I was! After a few goes I suddenly got my confidence and have never looked back. Can't imagine life without it now.

Enjoy your new freedom and independence!

Pat x



Hi Jean, well done you, i am thinking of getting the  same  scooter as you the 3 wheel version,i am plucking up the courage to get one, my daughter doesnt want me to get one,she thinks i will get the mickey taken out of me, and i will look like madge off of Benidorm,but i have told her it will give me some independace as i cant self porpel my w/c and have to rely  on being pushed in it, which i hate.  But i think i will be getting one shortly though.pleased you like yours though.Happy scootering Jean.


jaki  xx

Thank you all for you're replies, I'm really looking forward to going out, just wished the horn was a bit louder, ha ha, Jean x

Happy motoring Jean and dont do whaat i do often - roll over peoples feet, seriously if you lean forward and accidently press the reverse its heaven help anyone in a que behind you.  Im sure youll be a better driver than me.  Scooters are wonderful, they give us freedom and save on energy too.  Dont forget you have a horn too, I do.


Give it a name, mine is called Sky cos shes blue and I often look upwards now and not fall over when I do cos shes my safety net.


Boy will you be able to get places now.


Take care,



Congratulations Jean I'm so happy for you.  I remember when I got my first scooter I'd been in hospital for 6 weeks unable to get off the ward and my sister rode in on this scooter she'd bought me.  I was so happy I cried and asked her if it could travel 22 miles as that way I could have got home. Of course it didn't and I remained in hospital for a longer time, but I could ride it down to the entrance where there were shops and into the griounds where there was a fishpond and I could see life again. 

I can honestly say it was the best gift ever and I love my sister soooo much.  I'm in a wheelchair now, but the memory of that first scooter and the independence it gave me has never left me. 

Freedom pure freedom and I hope your scooter gives you that same feeling.

Love and happy journeys, Mary xxx

Hi Jean, that sounds fab, happy scootering (is that a proper word, lol).


Hi Jean, that sounds fab, happy scootering (is that a proper word, lol).


Yay! Great news happy2

Enjoy! happy2

Karen x

Hi Jean - Good for you. I have often thought about getting a scooter but I think I will carry on using the Shopmobility ones for now, although they are quite expensive to hire.

Enjoy the freedom that it will bring.


Hi Jean,

It gives you such a feeling of being in control again, it's wonderful. Take care, but enjoy it.

Janet x

Thanks again for all you're lovely replies, even reading them is giving me a great sense of excitement, and making me thing, yes I made the right decission, take care, Jean x    happy2

Oh Jean, that`s fab news. Will I see you bombing round Huddy? i`m going there on friday......but I use a wheelie nowadays instead of a scooter.

have wheels will travel, eh?

luv Pollx

That is great news. I Lerve my scooter. It is just so lovely being able to take the dog for a walk and smell the flowers in people's gardens and feel the breeze on my face. Lifts my spirits no end :-)

I have a big blue 4 wheeler and he is called Cyril :-)

Happy scootering and enjoy your freedom


Go for it Lesley! When our legs won’t carry us far we have to use something to get around and scooters are great! Mine was out of service very briefly recently and I felt lost without it. Would think ‘oh I’ll pop out to the shops’ and then would realise I couldn’t. Talk about being a prisoner in my own home. I would never ever want to do without my trusty 4 wheels!

Pat x

l have been a 'scooterer' for about 20yrs - and have had some wonderful machines. l live in a rural area and like to get out and about over the fields and woods with my dogs in all weathers. My off-road scooter is a Tramper - This morning l have been out with my dogs in bright sunshine but a very cold north easterly wind. We have had a lovely time. On the way back l stopped and picked up a lot of litter that someone had 'kindly' thrown out of their car. 6 stella artois cans and a lot of mcdonalds wrappers. The Tramper has a good carrier in the front for this sort of rubbish. Then l came across a pile of lorry tyres that been dumped in a gateway. NO l did not pick them up.

l am - as l said - out everyday - and can go a long way if l want to. 'Scootering' has opened up my world.  l hate shops and shopping - so a shopmobility type of scooter is not for me - also l need something solid and strong that l can tie my dogs onto and not 'turnover'. l do have a small scooter that can be folded up and put into the boot of the car - but it very rarely gets used. Which does not help the batteries

So get wrapped up - lots of layers and get out in the fresh air. [Remember to carry a mobile phone]


thank you to everyone for all you're lovely replies, I've been out a few times now, and I really love it, I never thought I would feel like this, because when I first got my stick I felt so down, and I felt like everyone was looking at me, not so with my scooter, which is called paddy, as I'm irish, it's a GO, GO ELITE TRAVELER, so my Hubby says, GO PADDY GO, love it, I feel so independent again, and now the good weathers coming, great, take care all, love Jean x  happyflower