Hi All,

Just had to share my joy with you all, today, the very first day I took my mobility scooter into town and got back safely. The exciting bit was I didn’t knock anybody over and it felt so good the indepence with the lovely breeze after the last few days killing me with the heat.

Hope you are all well.



Whoops spelt independence wrong, sorry!!



Well done you !

Sounds like you really enjoyed it.

If you didnt knock anyone over you are not trying hard enough but im sure it will come with practice

Happy motoring


Well done for taking the plunge.

I am sure as your confidence grows it will open up a whole new world to you.

Enjoy your happy day


Good for you.

I’m hoping mine makes me feel the same, I have to say I’m excited & nervous at the same time, but I think I’ll be ok when I go up the field on it…

Hi Janet Sounds like you had a great time so well done. There’ll be no stopping you now. I’m glad to hear you didn’t knock anyone over, but did you have any near misses, lol. Cheryl

Hello Janet,

Well done for taking the plunge, and it’s great to read that things have gone so well for you.


Best Wishes,


Hi Janet, well done you it must be a good feeling to have conquered another obstacle ms throws at us. You should be proud of yourself , enjoy your new found freedom !!! Love Karen x

Well done Janet. The more practise you get the more confident you will become.

Article on the radio about people who shouldn’t be in mobility scooters giving them a bad name -

hen parties, stag parties etc - hope the general public don’t start being critical of people who need them.

(like they can be with people who are entitled to use disabled parking spaces)

Enjoy your freedom…

Jen x

Thanks everyone for sharing my joy today and Ricky I will try harder next time! I only had one little problem and that’s because I have a scooter that will not go up or down kerbs. Of course I came to one and I thought in for a penny in for a pound and gave it full power and i managed it, but my bottom was real sore afterwards.

Thanks again you lovely people.

Hope you’re all doing ok in this heat.